10 Fun & easy outdoor team building activities

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1) The Apprentice Challenge

A short description: The Apprentice Challenge is an outdoor team building event that has a range of challenges that test team building and entrepreneurial skills. Ranging from negotiating and problem-solving to leadership and delegation. All whilst making sure that it is a fun game and achieves the intended goal of enhancing team morale and bonding the team members, improving the skills of communication and fostering creativity in the teams.

It involves team members being sent digital packs, which contain all the team building activities and challenges. Teams must then develop a strategic plan on how they will go about completing this team building activity and the challenges posed. Once a team has completed its activities, the proof must be sent to the ‘bosses’ for approval. Once the activity is completed (or at the agreed finish time) all the teams participating in this challenge will gather in one location to witness which teams have been hired or not, where awards will be presented to the winning team. There will be a video showing the highlights of all the team building activities from each team.

Objective: to boost team morale and team bonding, increment in the business attributes of individuals, improve communication skills among team members and give inspiration to teams to discover creative ideas.

Participants: the team members can include all levels of staff members.

Duration: 2 hours to half-day or full-day.

2) Team Drag Race

A Short description: With the team drag race, every outdoor team must design an ideal small drag car and then build it. After that is done, the small drag car has to be raced with other dragster small cars. The dragster car, which covers much of the distance, is declared the winning team. Included are the models, obstacle course, and the equipment to be used. A professional and trained host is required for these outdoor team building activities.

Objective: designing, building, and testing one’s dragster car in a team-based event.

Participants: 5 to 60 team members.

Duration: the amount of time taken is about 90 to 120 minutes.

3) Crystal Maze

A short description: The Crystal Maze involves teams making their way through the four zones of futuristic, Aztec, Industrial, and Ocean to collect as many crystals as possible. The outdoor team will go through each zone to complete the given challenges to win the crystals. Upon completing all of the 16 challenges, the teams will reach the final in the crystal dome. Reaching this stage, every outdoor team will get a turn each in the dome so that as many tickets are collected as possible. The outdoor team which will collect most tokens inside the dome will be declared the winning team in a ceremony that will mean the closure of the team building activities, and the occasion can be spiced up by serving drinks and refreshments.

Objective: This is one of the outdoor team building activities that will improve your physical, mental, and puzzle skills in the process when your teams battle to collect the crystals.

Participants: 6 to 8 contestants can take part in this activity.

Duration: it can go on for just 2 hours, a half-day or even a full day.

4) Sports Day

A short description: all players involved in the fun team building games are given an invitation to make sure that their teams are registered, inclusive of their names, plus the need to prepare their unique team branding in advance. It further involves making coloured or branded T-shirts which are then given to all the teams. Several different games are introduced according to your preferences to see to it that everyone is included. Refreshments plus catering services are provided accompanied by a bar and additional entertainment. Several individual games and fun team building games aim to keep the sports day atmosphere exciting. There are various indoor and outdoor games available on sports day, which makes it one of our most popular team building events. Awards and prizes will be presented to the winning teams and individuals.

Objective: to complete fun challenges, compete, test new skills, and win prizes like classic sports days.

Participants: a variety of outdoor team members and teams.

Duration: it can go on for a full day, half-day, or just 2 hours which involves engaging and participating in competitive gameplay that involves all the teams.

5) Go-Karting

A short description: This involves the racing of Go-karts. This is a high-speed outdoor team building activity that seeks to build and race go-karts that people power. The important requirement is for the team members to work together in their specified various roles to achieve victory in this team building activity. The main goal of this competition is to promote collaboration. Points are given to the teams which have great originality, design, creativity, and functionality.

To foster a team spirit and put their driver in the competition mood, the team members will develop their own champions chants and perform them. The cars first pass through the safety inspection, and then the anticipation is built up in the process while the drivers suit up and go for the starting line. The race now begins, and the team drivers now compete for the final gold prize.

Objective: to have all the fun, promote collaboration through team members working together in their various roles for their driver to win the go-kart competition.

Participants: 10 team members

Duration: it can last about 2 to 2.5 hours.

6) DIY Obstacle Course

A short description: An obstacle course is a wide variety of challenging physical obstacles performed by either a team member or team, usually under a specified time. The DIY obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder UK can include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming, and balancing elements with the aim of testing speed, endurance, and agility whilst getting quite muddy.

This involves coming up with an obstacle course activity that seeks to promote different skills in every team member while focusing on the main goal of overcoming the obstacle and emerging victorious. When all the team members get along, it only implies that they will work together better and efficiently. So this DIY obstacle course allows co-workers to get to know each other while fulfilling the goal of cracking the DIY obstacle course.

Objective: to promote corporation among co-workers as they seek to overcome an obstacle course

Participants: 5 to 100 members

Duration: it can take about 2-5 hours.

7) Rock Climbing

A short description: Climbing is a fun outdoor activity for corporate team building. It is goal-oriented and necessitates collaboration, trust, and effective communication. Professional facilitators give tasks that will improve and modify the way people see themselves, their colleagues, and the team as a whole in your organization. And anaerobic exertion is also part of indoor climbing. Climbing naturally leads to teamwork since partners must be dependent on collaboration and trust between themselves. It boosts self-confidence and self-esteem by allowing individuals to feel accomplished after completing a task, generally the top of a wall. The team-building process is entertaining, difficult. Climbing is a pleasant, thrilling alternative to a business or golf party. It is an opportunity to discover how your personnel performs together and how people face physical difficulties requiring mental answers. Climbing requires individuals to rely on each other. It equally places men and women. The principles learned through climbing could be used as models for business problem-solving. The accessories include climbing shoes, harnesses, and belay equipment. The program is tailored to your requirements.

Objective: To enable your employees in the intensive team effort to build their coaching abilities, goals, and innovative problem-solving knowledge.

Participants: Teams with up to 4 participants. A maximum of 50 people can participate in this team building activity.

Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours

8) Axe Throwing

A short description: Axe throwing is one of the best corporate events for any organization for outdoor team building activities. It is a friendly competition that takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. During this time, you will be guided by an axe-throwing coach or even several experts for large groups who will go over the rules, explain how throwing works, and start training and showing you how to throw the axe. There will be designated axe throwing lanes where you can master throwing an axe. We divide people into groups and organize a team-based event to award a successful team once you’ve mastered the method. After the team competition, we also conduct a tournament where every person takes part in the last elimination round to complete and choose the winner in the completion. Team building with axe throwing brings teams out of their comfort zone, and it’s a ton of fun. New experiences bring new perspectives, renewed spirits, and happier employees. Axe throwing encourages new dialogue, exchanging ideas, and getting to know each other better. Axe throwing is a great way to get people out of their comfort zones while still having a lot of fun. Employees are happier when they have new experiences. They gain new perspectives, renew their spirits, and have a more positive attitude. Axe throwing promotes fresh conversations, exchanges of ideas, and getting to know one another better.

Objective: Promote team bonding, Motivate your team, and Establish Trust. Motivate and entertain your team; unite your team and develop genuine bonds.

Participants: 6 to 100 participants can partake in this friendly competition.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

9) White water rafting

A short description: Whitewater rafting is a great method to build teamwork and create friendship at work. This practice improves communication. Each individual in the raft will serve as the guide for 5-10 minutes, directing the team as to which way to paddle to avoid hazards or turn around bends in the river. Collaborate to reach various points and alternate among all employees inside the boat to avoid falling behind the other rafters. Employees learn to adapt to the environment and the river’s movement while anticipating and responding rapidly to forthcoming difficulties. It also boosts your confidence. Everyone on each raft is blindfolded except one person, who is responsible for guiding the others.

Teams will run around the river and turn guides until everyone leads the raft to the beach. This exercise encourages staff to trust each other’s guidance. The person guiding them must change their instructions and communication to make the team paddle efficiently; depending on their advice, it helps boost team members’ collaboration. Establish a worse situation, including the vehicle forgetting to take the rafters, stopping along the shore, and having a sleepy river. Ask the participants to collaborate to agree on the indications of the river banks, how to build a fire, acquire, and build refuges depending on the things you see in the river. Have them outline 10 things they have to accomplish to survive the evening.

Objective: Enhance trust, effective communication, and collaboration among team members

Participants: 4 to 20 people can take part in these outdoor team building activities

Duration: 2-3 hours.

10) Zorbing

A short description: Zorbing is a fantastic event for a business or team building day. Perfect for a Summer and Christmas party or team building day. It is distinctive, exciting, and fulfilled by any sports team, working team, or social party for all adrenaline and extreme junkies. You’re here to have a treat if you’ve never heard of Zorbing. The ‘Zorb’ is a large swelling ball you climb into. Once you’ve strapped yourself in, get ready for a high-octane, fast-paced exercise. You will then be rolled down the side of the hill once you’ve been strapped inside, where you’ll gather up some considerable speed. There may be a few little ramps, leaps, or bends on the route that will make you dizzy. A word of caution: it’s a good idea to eat well before participating in this sport. The rolling and bouncing can make some people feel nauseated. On the other hand, Zorbing is a ton of fun and will have your company beaming from ear to ear for the entire day. It’s a fantastic team-building game that will have everyone cheering for and motivating one another. Especially if the Zorb ball is being used for a race. Zorbing football adds a new dimension to the game by turning every tackle into a bump and ensuring that no player is ever down long enough to earn a penalty. Zorbing football adds another dimension to the game by turning every collision into a bump and ensuring that no player is ever down long enough to earn a penalty. It’s reminiscent of the peak of It’s a Knockout when players in massive padded jackets stagger around trying to play the game.

There are two parts to the Zorb: The interior section is constructed of plastic, and there are hand straps to grip onto when riding. There’s an air gap for cushioning on the outside, followed by a durable but flexible plastic covering. Despite being wrapped in two layers of plastic, Zorb’s design allows for the passage of air and light.

Objective: Facilitate teamwork by enhancing problem-solving skills, communication skills, trust, and collaboration among employees.

Participants: Any size group interested in trying out zorbing activities.

Duration: Duration depends on the kind of zorbing activity chosen.

Does an outdoor team-building event work?

Outdoor team building activities aid in bringing people together hence encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Team building in a workplace involves the creation of a team that works together towards a common purpose. The aim is to create a strong team by forming bonds and connections that prove beneficial to the organization and businesses. The fun activities allow the members to view each other differently, which allows them to see each other on a good different level. These team building activities build essential skills like communication, problem-solving, planning, and problem resolution.

Here are some of the reasons to motivate you to engage in team-building activities in your workplace or businesses:

Promotes socializing, networking, and getting to know each other

Socializing and workmates knowing each other has proven to be effective in increasing productivity in the workplace. Try a team-building activity in your workplace and notice the results.

Teamwork and team confidence boost

Team building activities have proven to improve workplace projects that involve understanding each other of the teams as the employees tend to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better.

Competition and bragging rights

Productivity has been seen to be boosted as a result of competition as it is now taken as a fun activity. It might take time, but it eventually works out.

Promotes collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity.

People are known to be more creative around people they are comfortable with; hence, it promotes not only collaboration but also important new ideas.


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