The Best Video Platforms For Your Virtual Event

    Jan 24, 2022Team Building0 comments

    The best virtual event platforms enable you to easily join online events such as conferences and webinars.

    It’s not always easy to get everyone who’d like to be there to attend an event in person, especially when participants are spread across the globe. This has especially been the case since the recent pandemic, causing a massive increase in the take-up of virtual event platforms.

    Whether it’s a one-off event, a multi-day conference, or a business meeting, the most critical decision you can make is choosing which software you use to host it on.

    The best virtual event platforms include advanced features that enable you to make your virtual gathering as multi-faceted, engaging, and memorable as a physical equivalent.

    In this article, we review the best virtual event platforms available, providing you with the information you need to decide on the right provider for your next virtual meeting.

    virtual events are here to stay, virtual zoom call on laptop

    How do virtual events run?


    • We will provide you and your guests a secure video link to your private event
    • Our professional and experienced live hosts will keep your guests entertained and engaged
    • Enjoy 60-90 minutes of fun, engaging and immersive gameplay exclusive to Escape Team Events
    • Your event is managed completely end-to-end by our experienced team

    how do i book a wellness event?

    Enquire about your event for a quote in 30 minutes, just let us know when you plan on having your event and what size your party will be. Take some time to browse through our products, or if you have a particular event in mind, please do add this to your enquiry so we can design the perfect event for you and your guests.


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