No general knowledge, just general nonsense!

    Described as ‘Cards Against Humanity meets Cranium meets Shooting Stars’, this quiz exercises all the creative brain juices that other quizzes don’t reach.

    Fun tasks and challenges with totally ungoogleable answers! Write, draw, make, mime and whatever other brilliance pops out! Link up and spark some well earned team fun. ALL YOU NEED IS IMAGINATION!

    What you can expect from your experience:

    • You are greeted by your live interactive host

    • Rounds could include Quickdraw, Blind date, Face Ache, Act Up or Scavenger – plus many more!

    • You are guided through several rounds of a quiz where the silliest and most creative answers garner the most points

    • There is a prize available to the person who has been the most bonkers

    “Ideal ice-breaker games – really made the event stand out and got everyone in a playful mood. Will definitely be booking again” Andrew Hill – Cube 19

    What is included?


    Live Professional hosts


    Unique Quiz Games


    Creative Team Tasks


    Fun, immersive and interactive

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