The show we all wanted to take part in as a child. The Crystal Challenge will test your physical, mental and puzzle skills as your teams battle to collect the most crystals.

Each team will take part in the final in the Crystal Dome, where their crystals buy them time in the Dome. But which team will conquer?

Play in teams of 6-8 for a 1-2 hour experience travelling through Aztec, Futuristic, Industrial and Ocean to collect as many crystals as possible.

Prepare for a mixture of physical and mental games as your team take part in this fun and high-energy game. After battling through 16 unique games, teams move on to the Crystal Dome to exchange their cyrstals for time… but who will capture the most tokens?

Your winning team will be presented with prizes from our hosts. Why not add a personal touch to your event? We can provide branded vests, catering, refreshments and entertainment post-event.

How it works?


Teams will work their way around each zone completing challenges to win crystals. Once the challenges have been completed, teams will make their way to the final in the Crystal Dome.

Exchanging their crystals for time, each team will take their turn in the dome to collect as many tickets as possible.

The winner will be revealed in the closing ceremony where refreshments can be made available.

What is included?

Up to 16 exciting and challenging games designed to test each of our team members.
An entertaining final in the Crystal Dome for every team.

Catering and refreshments along with a bar available for your colleagues to complete the experience.

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