How To Prioritise Employee Wellness

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    The ongoing pandemic has affected almost everyone’s mental and physical health – including your colleagues. Employers are now taking all the necessary steps to ensure their wellbeing programme is one fit to support their team and safeguard their employees. Is your wellbeing campaign ready?

    The health and wellbeing of your employees should always be a priority. They boost productivity, reduce burnout, improve workplace culture, and offer plenty of other tangible benefits.

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    The role of the employer

    Employers have a duty of care towards their employees. Implementing an effective and carefully planned wellness programme will work to engage them better.

    With most organisations currently adopting a ‘work-from-home’ approach to office life, employee engagement and wellbeing has often been overlooked, seen as too challenging for employers to approach.

    The major challenges for employers tend to be employee stress, productivity, presenteeism, burnout and mental health issues amongst a wide range of potential problems. Remote working means those short tea breaks and lunch gatherings aren’t possible – a break that employees use to gather their thoughts, socialise, and redirect their thoughts.

    The main reason employees feel disconnected from their workplace is because they can no longer take part in these internal comms amongst their colleagues. Enhancing internal comms is another way employers can boost engagement amongst their employees and encourage everyone to feel included.


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    Over the past two years, people worldwide have experienced stress, fatigue, and depression due to various reasons. Shifts in work culture have greatly affected the corporate world.

    Financial instabilities, maintaining the house and work and working longer hours has deeply affected the mental, health, and financial wellbeing of employees.

    Taking measures to introduce wellness programmes has become the need of the hour. Before COVID-19, the majority of employees were working from the office for some fixed hours; with the shift in the workplace, there have been significant changes in the way they work.

    Working conditions at home are not the same for everyone. It is not a great experience for every employee; work from home has blurred the lines between professional and personal working hours. In turn, the physical and mental health of your remotely-working employees has taken a hit.

    It’s down to your department’s HR managers and leaders to address this growing concern and assess their current wellness programme. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to implement one.

    Many have argued for the use of technology and AI to generate the appropriate wellbeing solution for your corporation. This will ultimately help improve employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction.

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    9 ways you can address employee wellness


    1. Encourage communication

    As an employer or manager, you should be encouraging internal communication among your team or employees. This will not only help lift the burdens of stress amongst employees, but also make your team feel involved, included and assured.

    2. Listen

    Build the trust between yourself and your team by listening and empathising with your employees. If a member of your team is opening up to you about a challenge they are facing or struggle they need help with, make sure you act in a way that ensures the employee feels valued and appreciated. This will noy only reduce the burden they are facing but also improve employee engagement – leaders who genuinely care will build a team that genuinely cares.

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    3. Give Recognition

    Appreciate and reward your team for their hard work and dedication. Recognising employees for their work will boost their confidence and fuel productivity, enhancing relationships and culture.

    4. Mental Health focused solutions

    Future corporate employee wellness solutions must address mental health as much as they prioritise physical health. Employers should provide resources and counselling sessions to address mental health awareness.

    5. Introduce Wellness Campaigns

    Wellness challenges help employees remain intellectually and socially motivated. You can try workouts, cooking, online games, learning, or writing challenges that will boost morale and motivate teamwork and healthy competition.

    6. Don’t forget about Financial Wellness

    Finance is arguably the most significant stressor in our households. Financial literacy is a must-know subject, and it is down to employers to keep their employees aware of wise financial practices.

    7. Host informal online gatherings

    Keeping your employees entertained during these tough times can be a stress buster for them. It also nurtures the connection among team members. Hosting virtual events like Pickled Bingo, Murder Mystery, Magic & Illusion or Comedy Club will bring them under one platform to socialise and destress.

    8. Reward your employees

    Ensure you are rewarding and recognising your employees hard work from time to time. Special incentives always contribute to a better workplace with an agile workforce.

    9. Host online wellness sessions

    With a number of virtual events platforms surfacing throughout the pandemic whilst remote working became the norm, it’s now easier than ever to plan a wellness event completely virtually for your team.

    From Laughter Yoga to Motivational Speeches, Escape Team Events are proud to support the mental health and wellbeing of your team and colleagues. If you’d like to make an enquiry with us about launching your wellness campaign, you can contact us here.

    Creating awareness on mental health issues is very vital now. When the leaders can build trust among their employees and encourage them to share their issues, whether or not they share, they feel a little relieved to realize having a shoulder. The HRs or the managers can invite guest speakers to host online sessions for effective stress relief procedures to help them relax and be more productive.

    Wellness is a broad term with multiple dimensions. Employee wellness programmes are vital to attract top talent, keep them happy, and decrease employee turnover and absenteeism.

    A healthy organisation starts with healthy employees; it safeguards company culture. Thus, prioritising employee wellness is crucial for growth and development.

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