Under the Justice Act (2020), you have been summoned as a remote juror for a new kind of online trial. You and your fellow jurors must review the evidence, speak to the accused, and come to a conclusion. Is he guilty or not guilty? And is there more to this case than meets the eye?
How will you find the accused?

How Does it work?

Working with your fellow jurors you will need to decide upon the guilt of the accused. Using evidence and questioning the defendant.

You will have to work through the evidence provided. With this information you will then be given access to the defendant to ask him questions about the case.
As this is going on, members of the audience are being contacted via text and emails from people trying to sway the jury. It is up to the Jury to decide who is telling the truth, how to crack the conspiracy and ultimately if a man should spend time behind bars.

There are multiple endings, with only about 15% of groups getting the correct answer…

What is included?

Link to private zoom room
20 participants
Live performer
Compelling mystery
Escape room style puzzles
Team building, problem solving, group management, videocall proficiency/etiquette

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