Tabletop Escape Games – the unique option for your next team building day

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    Tabletop escape games are becoming the go-to choice for businesses that want engaging team building events in their preferred location. Their portability and originality means they can be brought in-house or direct to your place of work, while still offering an experience your colleagues won’t soon forget. But what is a tabletop escape game, and how do they offer great team building and bonding experiences?

    First off, what is an Escape Game?


    For the uninitiated, an Escape Game is an immersive experience that requires players to “escape” from a room, a gas leak, a murderous character; you get the idea. In order to escape, you and your team will need to solve puzzles, find hidden objects and, most importantly, work together!

    The term ‘Escape’ is used very loosely; as the industry has evolved, many escape games are more centered around completing a mission or task. Perhaps there’s a murder-mystery theme and the game is completed by identifying the culprit, or perhaps there is a rogue agent who you must capture to complete the game. It’s not exactly escaping, but the same premiere of solving puzzles and finding clues remains.


    So, what is a Tabletop Escape Game?


    A tabletop escape game is one that can be played at a table with your team in any location! It could be in your office, at an events venue, in a hotel foyer; anywhere! In this scenario, the puzzles and clues may be housed in a briefcase, a gun case, a treasure chest, a safe and so on.

    The best tabletop escape games have a storyline to add to the theatre and immersiveness. Some are hosted by actors to add to the immersion, with audio effects, video content, props and more!

    Despite being contained in a box, these games are packed with technology, interactive elements, useful tools and fiendishly hidden clues. Just when you think you’ve finished, another puzzles makes itself known.

    What does a great Tabletop Escape Game look like?


    Let’s say you have decided to book Red Alert, our military themed tabletop escape game, which tasks each team with unlocking a suspicious wooden box, featuring multiple puzzles, locks, special effects and some of the latest escape game technology.

    The process begins with a dedicated Event Manager, who helps arrange the logistics of your event from start to finish, from how many people you want to involve, where and when you want the escape game to take place and any other questions you might have. There is no preparation required on your part, you just need to let us know the who and where.

    On the day we come to the location of your choice, where up to 100 of your colleagues are waiting for their team-building exercise to start. 

    A group of people interacting with the wooden puzzle box from Red Alert

    Your dedicated Event Manager introduces themselves, and reassures you that they are there for any support you or your colleagues may need throughout the event. As they place a wooden box on each table, the 100 split into 20 teams of 5. These teams will be competing to be the fastest, so teamwork is necessary, there’s no room for spectators!

    All of a sudden, a conspicuous character (we won’t say who!) makes themselves known, as our actor begins the narrative and tells each team that the boxes on their table have begun to do…something.

    The Escape Game has now started, and each team has 90 minutes to solve the puzzles and complete the game.

    It doesn’t stop there, our actor is on-hand to keep everyone entertained and provide a helping hand when needed, and your dedicated Event Manager is still there to answer any other questions or deal with any technical queries.

    Once the 90 minutes is up (or hopefully earlier for skilled teams), our team packs everything away, leaving you and your colleagues to praise the fastest teams and discuss where they struggled, their favourite puzzles and the huge twists and surprises!


    What makes a Tabletop Escape Game better than other team-building events?


    The beauty of tabletop escape games is that they can be done in any setting, for any group. It can be groups as small as 5 people, to as many as 100 people at a time.

    If you want to keep it in the office, we can come to you; if you want to take it to a specific venue, we can come there too. Wherever it is, we transform the atmosphere to immerse you into the game world and encourage creative thinking among the participants.

    It’s accessible too, allowing people of all ages and abilities to take part, making it great for team-building events, as each table relies on a mixture of skill and problem-solving from everyone to figure out the next puzzle.

    Most importantly, it’s memorable and fun! Our events are designed to be entertaining and immersive, and are guaranteed to boost morale, allowing teams to find new ways to work together and understand their unique strengths.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s for a small team-building exercise, or a big corporate event, each game can be catered to your preference.

    Men in suits sat around a table taking part in the Secret Service game


    What Tabletop Escape Games can I hire?


    Escape Team Events have a range of tabletop escape games for you to hire, wherever you are.

    Each has their own unique theme, props, puzzles and characters, but all are designed to excite, engage and surprise your teams.


    Secret Service

    In Secret Service, you and your team take the roles of new recruits for a spy organisation, tasked with finding out who, within the agency, has leaked sensitive materials.

    Featuring fully-costumed agent actors, unique props, puzzles and tools; Secret Service is a humorous and puzzling game that immerses every team in the art of investigation and suspect elimination.


    Rogue Agent Hybrid

    In this game, players have to work together to identify a Rogue Agent, deciphering clues and puzzles in under 90 minutes, while competing against other teams, for a fun and challenging game that taps into your inner MI5 operative.

    A professional host is on-hand to immerse you in the world of spycraft, while keeping the fun going even against the most frustrating puzzles.


    Red Alert

    Our newest tabletop escape game has your group help to save the world from a missile threat.

    Your professional host is on-hand to guide you through each puzzle, but not in the way you might think!

    Red Alert utilises some of the latest innovations in Escape Game tech, and is guaranteed to surprise and impress every team who takes part. You have 90 minutes to get the box open, but will you succeed?


    Can I book a Tabletop Escape Room?


    Yes you can. To begin the process, simply fill in the form below and one of our team members will be in touch. Just let us know how many people you want to involve, any ideal dates you would like to host the event and anything else you might want to let us know.



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