Team Building Birmingham

Escape Team Events provides Birmingham team building activities to help in increasing productivity in your business and enhancing teamwork as well as unity among team members. Since Birmingham is centrally located, you are able to easily get an ideal venue for your activities.

Why Choose Escape Team Events for Team Building in Birmingham?

Escape team events in Birmingham is part of a multi-award-winning company that specialises in creating physical and virtual events for clients to suit a variety of needs. Having delivered experiences for over 500, 000 people, the company knows how to deliver effective results to clients. They do what needs to be done to understand your business needs and deliver the best event based on your requirements.

The UK’s Second City is a popular destination for any business looking for team building – Birmingham is the second popular destination for any business looking for team building. This huge city has several options and ideas to choose from and so much to offer, whether you want to visit the famous canal basin or pop on a peaky blinder cap and roam Small Heath.

Looking to see more of Birmingham? Why not take on our apprentice challenge throughout Victoria Square and boost your team morale and team bonding. Maybe you are more of a sports fan, if so, It’s time to limber up and take part in Escape Team Events Sports Day at Sutton Park.

Book from our selection of fun team building activities in Birmingham your team will never forget! Our Birmingham team building options are suitable for a range of group sizes from 20 to any 1000, and we are happy to host your event at venues convenient to your office.

We are here to assist you and your team in creating amazing experiences. Our industry methodology guarantees that your corporate event is in safe hands from the beginning. We have an unrivalled reputation, we emphasise seamless delivery, and we make sure that you speak of the events offered for a long time whether it’s a city centre Christmas Party or outdoor team building

We specialise in event management, fun team building activities, site sourcing, virtual events, custom events and hybrid events. We are specialized professionals, creative and experts at what we do. Every step of the way, we attempt to exceed your expectations and alleviate as much stress as possible for you and your team.

Corporate Events & Team Building Birmingham

Escape Team Events offers a lot of activities and corporate events. We provide a variety of indoor team building events and outdoor team building activities in Birmingham as well as evening team building activities. All these fun team building activities are designed to excite, engage, inspire and motivate you.

The various team-building exercises we offer are tailored to meet your needs and to connect people. We can design unique activities for you and guarantee that they will be exactly what you need and even more. You have a choice to choose if you want indoor team building activities or outdoor activities from the team building ideas that we offer.

Featured Team Building Events in Birmingham

The Crystal Maze Challenge

The crystal maze challenge is there to test your mental, physical as well as puzzle skills. It involves your team collecting crystals as part of the challenge. Here, each team also participates in the crystal dome, which is the final, in this challenge, the team has to use the crystals that they collected to buy time to stay in the dome. It is an indoor and outdoor activity that can take 2 hours, a full day or half-day/ the team includes 26 to 8 members.

There are 4 zones that team members have to collect crystals from. After all the teams have finished 16 activities, they proceed to the crystal dome where they use their crystals in exchange for time. The team that collects most tokens in the crustal dome gets to be the winner.

Secret Service Escape Game

After disclosure of classified materials, secret service headquarters were locked…

The first lesson ‘Introduction to code breaking’ is about, beginning with you and your new recruiting team. Agent broke into the room from nowhere.

The Secret Service has been hacked, and you are the only hope the agency has.

Teams are given 90 minutes to work together to eliminate the suspects and compete against each other to open the safe. Teams must work together

Rogue Agent Escape Game

Rogue Agent escape game is an immersive and interactive game that involves groups of 20 to 500 people who play the game in teams of 5-6 players. In this corporate event – teams must race against each other to find identify, track down and capture the ‘Rogue Agent’.

Playable in any location it helps in stimulating critical thinking, encourages teamwork, communication and problem-solving. Team members will work together as real MI5 operatives in order to uncover clues, solve some puzzles and finish the mission. The game is very fun, excellent and certainly brings out participants competitive edge.

Sports Day

Our Sports Day event includes a variety of sports activities that are available in both outdoor as well as indoor variations. You and your team come together to take part in a variety of activities to race against rival teams. This allows you to test skills that you thought you never had. Our game masters control the flow of the game.

Before the event, all the players are supposed to register their teams and names. They are also encouraged to create their own unique team branding. After that, the teams receive branded or coloured t-shirts. Teams will play a lot of games to your specific needs and everyone is included. There will also be refreshments, catering, a bar and other forms of entertainment. It is accessible in both outdoor and indoor variations. This greatly helps in enhancing team bonding.

Our Survey Says

Do you have any idea what 100 individuals would say in response to a question that did not need to be asked? Our survey says you and your team compete for head to head in order to find the answers to our survey while attempting to avoid the dreaded buzzer. You can be guaranteed a memorable event with this challenge. Our host is highly entertaining and quick-witted, you also get a plethora of game show features. Our interactive virtual game will put you and your coworkers against each other to see who can reach the grand finale.


Apprentice Challenge

Apprentice Challenge is an entrepreneur challenge team building activity. This works by testing the team to see if you are able to beat the world-famous boardroom. The main benefits of this activity are to boost employee morale enhance the bond among team members as well as increase your personal business attributes. You will be able to increase your skills in problem-solving, leadership, negotiating and delegation. In addition, it also improves your skills in communication and creativity.

The activities involved in this challenge are fit for all staff members, they can also be designed to meet certain business objectives and needs. Your teams are provided with fun, exciting and engaging challenges that you are supposed to complete. Once a task is completed, the teams are required to send proof to their trusted advisors. Once all challenges are completed or their time runs out, the teams meet back at an agreed location where they find out which teams have won and will be hired and those that will be fired.

Team Drag Race

Our Team Drag Race is a competitive event that involves designing, building as well as testing a dragster car. Each team is given the exact identical materials to construct their own model-sized racing Dragster, but only one team will win the final drag race… The outcome is ultimately determined through testing, design, and team participation.

In your teams, you will have to design, build and race miniature drag cats. The dragster car that travels the furthest distance wins. The show can take up to 120 minutes.

Rub Goldberg Challenge

This Rub Goldberg task will bring your team closer together. Build and combine the modules in wonderfully innovative ways, making it more enjoyable than Mouse Trap!

The Rub Goldberg Challenge emphasizes the value of teamwork, both as individuals and as a whole. The event builds to a spectacular conclusion in which all of the different aspects are brought together and the teams come together to accomplish a shared goal! As the teams decipher their briefs, they will quickly realize that rather than competing against one another, they must communicate and collaborate. After that, the components connect to form the missing link.


Sherlock & The Great Debut

This is an online murder mystery that includes 20 to 1000 groups of people. The teams include about 4-6 people. Our expert actors host the event. This event encourages teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving as well as critical thinking among team members.

In this murder mystery event, the team members act as Sherlock Holmes who is only 18 years and is given his first case on, Lord Harrington’s murder which happened at the chapel gate manor. Therefore, your mission here is to carry out an investigation at the manor and find out who committed the murder.

You start by choosing a video platform and the scene is then set up by the host. The host will also tell you the story behind the murder. You are also introduced to all the characters that you will meet in the manor. After that, you are allowed into the manor so that you can find clues, solve puzzles and carry out your investigation.

Virtual Escape Game

This immersive team-building activity may accommodate up to 500 people.

It promotes communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. It involves teams of 5-6 to discover the Rogue Agent.

Team members become true MI5 workers and they have to cooperate in the deciphering of clues, riddles and task completion. It’s entertaining, competitive, and a great way to start your team building days.

The Big Quiz

Working with teams remotely has become very critical. Allowing the teams to come together and work as a group brings a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Our big quiz is not just any quiz, It is engaging and filled with a lot of fun and a laughing experience. It is also packed with varied tasks, questions and small challenges.

With a live scoreboard, players can play separately or as a team. Our entertaining host also provides a lot of updates.

On the day, a unique code is issued to each player. After that, players only need to have a laptop and a mobile device. The players log into our online video portal and are greeted by our professional and experienced host. Our host also explains all the rules. Players can choose whether to play alone or as part of a group. Our host directs the game while the application generates all the various types of pop up questions.

Teams have to work together before any assignment is completed. An immediate score update on a live leaderboard allows the participants to see their current position and positions of other teams. There is a wide range of questions that can keep everyone’s attention.

The Greatest Show-Men

The Greatest Show-Men is a modern duo that showcases magic in an elegant and elegant way, young, dynamic and funny magicians who presented at numerous worldwide events.

With more than 10 years of experience, their actions are amazing, amusing and amazing.

This team knows how to attract and entertain an audience by exploring the control of the mind through humour and illusión.

Audio and visual configuration is provided straight from a professional Studio assuring that you get a fantastic show

Live Escape Room

Here, players can also choose whether to play in teams or alone. You act like a real-life game master where you have to find a secret play in Shakespeare’s script. It is set in the 16th century, you can also become Sherlock Holmes to solve the murder in Moriarty or you can become a peaky blinder and play the Raid, the official peaky blinders escape room.

The game is very interactive and immersive. It only allows up to 60 people. It can effectively improve your communication skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork and enhance your problem-solving skills.

It can be played in teams of 2 to 10 people and via zoom. To play this game, you can contact us to book a date you want to play. Then will send you a Zoom link. Once you join the call, our professional host will explain all the requirements for the game. Our host will also guide you so that you are able to complete the task in an hour (60 minutes).

Fun House In Your House

This 90s classic interactive game is hosted by Pat Sharp. Players are allowed to play as a team or as individuals. Pat ensures that you are able to have a fun experience and enjoy the game.

On the day of the game. Each player is given a link, which allows them to join the game through a video call. A laptop and mobile devices are the requirements for the game. Then, everyone enters our video portal where you are welcome by pat and our expert host. The format of the game is also explained after you join. Here, the expert host controls the game as well as the interaction. To win points, players need to be successful in each of the rounds. There are different rounds some of which are physical. There is also a leader board that updates the players on their position.

The Grand Night In

The Grand Night In allows you to party with the best sounds and Barnum style circus entertainment. It includes 40 performers including aerial artists, contortionists and fantastical curiosities. A brass band and singers are also included to give you the 1920’s greatest show.

Our professional choreographer can also give you an interactive dance session to help you learn to Charleston. To participate, you should start by booking the date and the rest will be sorted by Us. We will send you a meeting link to give you an amazing experience. Once in, you will be greeted by our host and multiple acts will be presented to you, they last up to 90 minutes, but if you prefer 60 minutes, we can reduce them for you. This is one of the best evening entertainment you and your team can get.

Live Music Quiz

In this music quiz, our musician tests your knowledge on some of the popular songs from the previous 50 years. You choose your preferred virtual platform.

You are also provided with live performances from the best musicians in the business. Our professional musicians will host this live on your platform to provide you with a lot of excitement and the best evening entertainment.

Cocktail Masterclass

In this event, you are first given a menu that contains popular cocktails, you are also given the option to create one. Once that is done, you are then sent a cocktail making kit that contains all the ingredients you need including the garnishes and the equipment.

Our professional mixologist team runs the cocktail making class. Our team will teach you all the tricks you need to know to make the best cocktails as well as create an environment that you can have fun in. the cocktail kits have great ingredients.

Comedy Club

This is a perfect event for any team that is in need of a laugh or evening entertainment. We can set up a virtual comedy night to ensure that you and your team have a good time. We can construct a bespoke according to your budget and your needs. Our comics will work hard to ensure that this virtual event is exactly what you needed.

All the participants will be sent a link to a video call that is secure, whereby you are greeted ad welcome by our experienced host. Comedians are allowed to perform for 20 to 30 minutes. It is a very professional and interactive event. It can also be designed to meet your team’s requirements.

Pickled Bingo

Pickled Bingo is the perfect fit for any lockdown. It includes a lot of activities such as dance-offs, party rounds, lip sync battles as well as a lot of amazing prizes. This gives you the best virtual party and will have you singing, laughing as well as dancing. Our expert’s hosts will ensure that you are on your feet throughout.

Jury Duty

In this event, you have been called to serve as a remote juror in a novel type of online trial under the Justice Act (2020). You and your fellow jurors must examine the evidence, interview the defendant, and reach a decision. Is he guilty or innocent? Is this a case with more to it than meets the eye? What method will you employ to locate the accused?

You’ll have to judge whether or not the accused is guilty with the help of your fellow jurors. The use of evidence and interrogation of the defendant. You’ll have to go over the evidence given to you. You will be given access to the defendant with this information and will be able to ask him questions regarding the case. Members of the audience are being contacted by text and email while this is going on.


Birmingham is one of Britains largest and popular cities that is centrally located. Birmingham offers a variety of ideas and alternatives for building teams. It also offers a lot of exciting activities. Therefore, there are a lot of places that can meet your needs for your company events including the city centre, cafes, conference venues, restaurants, meeting rooms, museums and other unique sites offering you great fun and a great venue throughout the West Midlands for a corporate away day.

Award-Winning Team Building Provider

Our team building company works with a variety of brands as well as companies including Shell, SONY, American Express, KPMG, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, NBC and more. Our purpose is to ensure that you and your colleagues are brought together through social events.

Team Building Venues of your choice all around the UK

We work with some prestigious hotels and team building venues in order to provide these exercises. Our building activities or exercises provided range from indoor activities such as live music and outdoor activities such as sports day. With our free venue finding service, you are able to find the venue of your choice for your team challenges.


Remote team building allows your employees to participate in team activities from anywhere including their homes, while also lowering office costs and increasing productivity in the process. With remote team building, there is a very big chance that the members will be more productive and will do more work every day.

Remote team-building challenges also help to build relationships among the team members. They will be able to collaborate on projects and get to know each other.

It can also help to combat loneliness as the team members will get a chance to communicate with each other even if they work separately.

What is the main purpose of a team-building event?

Build trust

When team building is implemented in a business, trust is built among employees and a spirit of unity is created. Employees work together and get engaged with each other. Therefore, they are comfortable expressing their needs and concerns therefore leading to effective team communication.


Team building events help in creating an environment that people are comfortable in and also happy to talk to anyone without any problems. Therefore, team building events actually help to enhance communication.


Team building helps in enhancing collaboration among people or coworkers. Collaboration is the key to success in a workplace as the employees will be able to help each other whenever need be. Collaboration involves knowing team members expertise and the knowledge that they have as well as trusting them to give certain information when needed. Through the creation of events that individuals experience within a group, links are established and created beyond their daily roles.


Team building ideas and events increase employee motivation and allow them to complete tasks effectively and in a timely manner. When team building activities are completed by a team, it creates momentum among the members and makes them feel good and proud f themselves. Their confidence is also increased.

Why Team building exercises are important?

Team building exercises are an amazing choice to get your coworkers out of their everyday tasks. Team building exercises help to motivate your staff by presenting them with an event full of activities to build a stronger unit.

Team building exercises also have a lot of other advantages including enhancing productivity, promoting teamwork and creating trust as well as respect among employees.