Team Building Coventry

Escape Team Events offers Coventry team building events to assist companies in increasing productivity by improving teamwork and togetherness among team members. Companies can choose suitable sites to host the events, once an event has been selected we can then start

Why Choose Escape Team Events for Coventry?

Coventry’s escape team events are part of a multi-award-winning firm specializing in designing real and virtual events for customers with a range of demands. The firm knows how to offer successful outcomes to clients, providing events to over 500 000 individuals. They go above and above to understand your company goals and create the best event possible based on those demands.

Coventry, one of the UK’s largest cities, is a top location for any company needing to grow a team. If you wish to explore the historic Coventry Cathedral or visit the Lady Godiva statue whilst taking part in our apprentice challenge, enhance team spirit and camaraderie.

If you think sports will get your team motivated, it is time to limit yourself and participate in Escape Team Sports Day at the Memorial Park, Coventry.

Choose from a variety of exciting Coventry team building activities that your team will never forget! Our Coventry team building activities are ideal for groups ranging from 20 to 1000 people, and we are glad to arrange your event at locations close to your workplace.

We’re here to help you and your team create unforgettable experiences. Our proven industry approach ensures that your business event is in good hands right from the start. We have an unrivalled reputation, place a premium on flawless delivery, and ensure that you will remember the events we provide for a long time, whether it’s a city centre Christmas party or an outdoor team building activity.

Event management, entertaining team-building activities, venue sourcing, virtual events, bespoke events, and hybrid events are all areas in which we excel. We’re specialized specialists who are also creative and skilled in our field, and we strive to deliver what our clients need.

Corporate Events & Team Building Coventry

Escape Team Events provides several corporate events and activities. We provide several events and team construction indoor and outdoor activities for team building Coventry and team building for evenings. All these engaging team-building exercises are to stimulate, encourage and inspire you.

We provide several team-building activities to fit your goals and connect individuals. We can develop and ensure that unique events are just what you need and much more. If you want to construct indoor teams or outdoor activities from our team-building ideas, you have the opportunity to choose.

Featured Team Building Events in Coventry

The Crystal Maze Challenge

The crystal maze challenges are to put your mental, physical, and puzzle talents to the test. As part of the task, your team must collect crystals. Each team competes in this task in the final crystal dome. The team must spend the crystals they have acquired to purchase time to stay in the dome. It is a two-hour, full-day, or half-day inside and outdoor exercise with a team of 26 to eight people.

Team members must harvest crystals from four different zones. After completing 16 activities, all the teams move to the crystal dome and use their crystals for time. The side with the most tokens wins.

Secret Service Escape Game

Secret service offices are sealed after sensitive materials are leaked, and It all starts with you and your new recruitment team in the first session, ‘Introduction to code-breaking. The agent appeared out of nowhere in the room. The Secret Service has been compromised, and you are the agency’s only chance. Teams have 90 minutes to work together to remove the suspects and compete to access the safe. Teams must collaborate.

Rogue Agent Escape Game

Rogue Agent is an immersive and engaging game with groups of between 20 and 500 individuals playing the game with 5 to 6 teams. At this corporate event, teams had to fight each other to locate the ‘Rogue Agent’ identified, tracked and captured.

It is playable in any place, fosters cooperation, communication and issue resolution. It helps stimulate critical thinking. Team members will work together to find out information, resolve specific problems and complete the task as actual MI5 operators. The game is delightful, tremendous and indeed pushes competitors to the forefront.

Sports Day

Our Sporting Day event covers a wide range of sports activities both outdoors and indoors. You and your squad join together to compete against competing teams in a range of possibilities. You can test abilities you never knew you possessed. Our game masters control the game.

All players should register their teams and names before the tournament. You are also urged to develop your unique branding team. Then the teams are given t-shirts in brand or colour. Teams play lots of different games to suit your particular demands, and all are provided. Refrigeration, catering, a bar and other entertainment will also be available. It may be accessed both indoor and outside; this helps tremendously to improve team connectivity.

Our Survey Says

Have you any idea what 100 people would answer in reply to a question not to be asked? In the course of our survey says, you and your team fight for answers to the study and escape the frightening buzzer. With this challenge, you can ensure a memorable celebration. Our host is quite engaging and fast-witting, and you will also have many game show elements. Our virtual interactive game will bring you and your colleagues together to see who can achieve the excellent finish.

Apprentice Challenge

Apprentice Challenge is a team development activity for entrepreneurs; it is completed by testing the squad to determine whether you can defeat the world-renowned boardroom. The primary advantages of the activities are to strengthen the morale of employees and increase the link between team members and their particular characteristics. You may enhance your ability to solve problems, lead, negotiate and delegate. It also improves your communication and creativity abilities.

These exercises are suitable for all employees and can be tailored to fulfil particular corporate goals and demands. The challenges we provide are entertaining, exciting and engaging for your staff. The teams must submit evidence to their trusted advisers after a job is accomplished. Once all tasks are over or their time has elapsed, the teams gather at a specified place to find out which teams have won and are hired and who are to be dismissed.

Team Drag Race

Our Drag Race Team is a competitive event, including designing, construction, and testing a dragster car. Every team is given precisely the same material to build a model-sized Dragster racing. However, the final drag race will only be won by one team. In the final analysis, design and team involvement, the conclusion will be chosen.

You have to design, construct and race tiny drag cars with your teammates and the automobile that travels the farthest distance wins. It takes up to 120 minutes to perform.

Rub Goldberg Challenge

Your team will come closer together in this Rub Goldberg challenge. Create and mix modules to make them more entertaining than Mouse Trap, in a superbly unique way!

The Rub Goldberg Challenge highlights the significance of collaboration, both individually and in public. The event brings together all components to a stunning finale, and the teams join together to achieve a shared objective! With their briefs deciphered, they quickly realized that they had to communicate and collaborate instead of competing against one other. The components then join to make the lost connection.


Sherlock & The Great Debut

Sherlock and the Great Debut is an online murder mystery with anything from 20 to 1000 participants. The teams consist of 4-6 persons. Our professional actors host the event. Teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking are all encouraged at this program.

In this murder mystery, the team members play Sherlock Holmes, who is just 18 years old when he is assigned his first case: Lord Harrington’s murder at the chapel gate mansion. As a result, your task here is to investigate the estate to determine who committed the murder.

You begin with selecting a video platform, and then the scenario is set by the presenter. The host will tell you also the background of the assassination. All the individuals you will encounter in the mansion are also introduced. You are then permitted to enter the manor to discover clues, solve puzzles and do the research.

Virtual Escape Game

Up to 500 individuals can participate in this immersive team-building exercise. It encourages cooperation, communication, and critical thinking. Teams of five to six people must find the Rogue Agent. Members of the team are transformed into genuine MI5 agents, and they must work together to decode clues, riddles, and other puzzles.

The Big Quiz

Working with teams from afar has become increasingly important. Allowing the teams to collaborate and work together fosters a sense of belonging and community.

Our big quiz isn’t just any quiz; it’s interactive and entertaining, with plenty of opportunities to chuckle. It also includes various activities, quizzes, mini-challenges, and players can play individually or as a team with a live scoreboard. Our amusing host also gives a lot of information.

Each gamer receives a unique code every day, and the players require a laptop and a mobile device after that. Our skilled and experienced host welcomes you into our online video portal. Our host explains all the regulations. Players can opt to play alone or in a group. The program produces all kinds of pop-up questions. Our host guides the game.

Before the job is done, teams must work together, and a live leading board update allows players to view their current position and other team positions. There is a broad spectrum of issues that everyone can bear in mind.

The Greatest Show-Men

The Greatest Show-Men is a stylish pair, which exhibits the magic of youthful, energetic and hilarious magicians at various global competitions in an attractive and elegant style.

With over ten years of expertise, their actions are incredible, fun and incredible. This team knows how to captivate and amuse an audience using humour and illusion in managing the mind. Audio and video setup is given directly from a professional studio to make sure you receive an excellent presentation.

Live Escape Room

Players may also select whether they want to play in groups or alone. You play the role of a real-life game master tasked with discovering a hidden play in Shakespeare’s script. It is set in the sixteenth century, and you can play as Sherlock Holmes to solve the Moriarty crime, or as a peaky blinder to play the Raid, the official peaky blinders escape room.

The game has a high level of interactivity and immersion. It has a maximum capacity of 60 persons. It can help you improve your communication, critical thinking, and teamwork skills, as well as your problem-solving abilities.

It is played in groups of two to ten individuals and via the internet. Please get in touch with us to schedule a time, and then you’ll receive a Zoom link to participate in this game. Our knowledgeable host will go through all of the game’s prerequisites with you when you join the call. Our host will also assist you in completing the work in under an hour (60 minutes).

Fun House In Your House

Pat Sharp is hosting this classic interactive 90s game. Players can play as a team or as persons. Pat makes sure you enjoy the game and have a good time.

The day the game takes place. Each player has a link to enable them through a video call to join the fun. The game requires a laptop and a mobile device to play. Everyone will then visit our video portal, where you and our experienced host are welcome. After you join, the game’s format is shown to you. Here the game and the interaction are controlled by the skilled host. Players must succeed in each round to get points.

There are several rounds, some of which are physically demanding. There’s also a leaderboard that keeps the players up to date on their standings.

The Grand Night In

The Grand Night In offers you the opportunity to celebrate with the greatest of the music of the Barnum style. It has 40 artists, including aerial artists, contortionists and spectacular sights. A brass band and vocalists also support the 1920’s biggest spectacle.

An interactive workshop to assist you in learning Charleston is organized by our expert choreographer. You have to start reserving the day to participate, and we will arrange the remainder. To provide you with an incredible experience, we will email you a meeting link. Once in the room, our host will welcome you, and several actions will take place, lasting up to 90 minutes.

Once our host welcomes you, we will show you many events lasting up to 90 minutes, but we may minimize them if you prefer 60 minutes.

Live Music Quiz

Your knowledge of the most popular songs from the past 50 years is put to the test in this music quiz by our artists. You get to pick your favourite virtual platform.

You will also be to live performances by some of the greatest artists in the industry. Our experienced musicians will host this live on your platform, ensuring that you have a thrilling evening of entertainment.

Cocktail Masterclass

In this case, a menu with popular cocktails will be offered initially, and an alternative will also be presented. Once this is done, a cocktail kit is shipped with all the ingredients and garnishes you need, including the equipment.

Our expert mixologist staff runs the cocktail making lesson. Our crew teaches you all the skills you need to produce the most excellent cocktails and create a friendly atmosphere. The package has beautiful ingredients for the cocktails.

Comedy Club

A comedy club is a fantastic event for every team that needs a laugh or a smile. We can create a virtual night of comedy, ensuring an excellent time for you and your company. We can build a personalized design based on your budget and demands. Our comics are working hard to make sure you need just this virtual event.

A secure link to a video conference is provided for all participants, and our expert host welcomes you. Comedians can play 20 to 30 minutes. It is an interactive and highly professional event and may also be tailored to fit your team’s requirements.

Pickled Bingo

Pickled Bingo is ideal for any lockdown situation. It contains several activities such as dance-offs, parties, lip-sync contests and numerous award-winning events. This game provides you with the most acceptable virtual party to sing, laugh and dance. Our specialists’ hostesses will make sure you are always on your feet.

Jury Duty

Here, in a new type of online trial by the Justice Act, you are asked to be a distant jury (2020). You and your fellow jurors have to look at the evidence, question the accused and decide. Is he innocent or guilty? Does this mean more than the eye meets? How are you going to find the accused?

You must determine if the accused, with the aid of his fellow jurors, is guilty or not—the defendant’s use of evidence and questioning. You must pass on the evidence you have received. With this information, you will have access to the defendant, and you may ask him questions about the case. Members of the public are notified during this process by text and email.


Coventry is centrally situated, one of Britain’s biggest and most popular cities. For team building, Coventry provides several ideas and options. There are also many fascinating activities. There’s plenty of places for your company’s events to satisfy your demands, such as the city centre, cafés, conference centres, restaurants, conference rooms, museums and other unique attractions that will give a fabulous fun and corporate day in the West Midlands.

Award-Winning Team Building Provider

Our team construction firm operates with several brands, including Shell, SONY, American Express, KPMG, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, NBC, etc. We aim to guarantee that social activities bring you and your coworkers together.

Team Building Venues of your choice all around the UK

To deliver these exercises, we partner with several famous hotels and team buildings. Indoor events like live music and outdoor activities like sports day vary from building activities or exerçments. You may choose the location of your choice for the team challenges using our accessible site locating service.


Remote team building lets your staff participate in team activities from wherever, including home while reducing operating expenses and improving productivity. With the remote construction of teams, there is a massive opportunity for members to be more productive and perform more work each day.

Remote team building tasks also support team members to establish relationships. You may cooperate and learn from one other on projects.

It can also contribute to combating solitude since team members can interact even when working independently.

What is the primary purpose of a team-building event?

Build trust

If team-building events are carried out in a company, trust is developed, and a feeling of togetherness is generated. Employees work together and get involved. Consequently, people express themselves comfortably, and therefore, their worries lead to good team communication.


Events for team building assist in creating an environment in which individuals may communicate comfortably and without difficulties. Team building events, therefore, contribute to enhancing communication.


The development of teams helps improve cooperation between employees or colleagues. Collaboration is essential for workplace success as workers may support one another whenever necessary. The collaboration consists of recognizing the experience and knowledge of team members and trusting them to provide detailed information when necessary. By creating events that people experience in a group, ties are built and developed beyond their everyday roles.


The development of team ideas and events will enhance the motivation of employees and enable them to perform duties successfully and promptly. When a team does team building, it stimulates the members and makes them feel good and pleased. Trust is strengthened as well.

Why are Team building exercises important?

Team building exercises are an excellent opportunity to move your staff out of their daily responsibilities. Team building workouts encourage your team by organizing various activities to develop a more robust unit.

There are also many additional advantages for team building activities, like improving productivity, fostering cooperation and developing trust and respect among employees.

It creates confidence, mitigates conflict, promotes communication and enhances cooperation. Effective team development implies more dedicated staff, which is excellent for the culture of companies and boosts the basics. Setting objectives and targets helps you concentrate and provide a benchmark to assess your performance.

The achievement of your team building objectives is related to what the members anticipate or aspire to achieve. Your workers might be reluctant or doubtful if they are first for the firm, but expressing what you can expect will help your employees to get an idea of everything.

It is crucial to set expectations, but it helps to generate excitement before the event. Managers and supervisors should encourage participants to provide information on the time and place individually. Email reminders, posters and handouts can also assist in creating awareness and energy.

You may build up relations among your colleagues, recognize accomplishments and enhance communication skills by using hundreds of teamwork exercises. Irrespective of the event’s objective, ensure you always take time to arrange specifics, create goals and share your expectations with the team.

Whether it is a conference room or a business event venue, ensure that engagement and a good experience are high. Make sure that these team building activities are part of your business culture.

Finally, integrate your business culture with team building. One-off events can be entertaining, yet they can lead to more excellent communication, better morality and more productivity by regularly building up a team.