Team Building Leicester

Leicester team building activities are provided by Escape Team Events to aid businesses in enhancing production by developing teamwork among employees whilst having fun at the same time. Companies can choose acceptable locations for events, and after an event has been chosen, we can begin planning.

Why Choose Escape Team Events for Leicester?

Escape team events in Leicester are part of a multi-award-winning company that specializes in creating real and virtual events for customers with a variety of needs. With over 500 000 people attending events, the business knows how to provide effective outcomes for clients. They go above and beyond to learn your company’s objectives and design the finest event possible to meet those needs.

Leicester is one of the oldest cities in the UK, east midlands with a population of 329,839 people. If you’re wishing to enhance team spirit and camaraderie and believe that sports will inspire your team, it’s time to set a limit and join in the Escape Team Sports Day at Abbey Park in Leicester.

Choose from a range of fun and fascinating Leicester team building activities that will leave your team with lasting memories! Our team building ideas in Leicester are suitable for parties of up to 20 to 1000 individuals, and we can gladly organize your event near your office.

We’re here to assist you and your group in creating memorable experiences. Our tried-and-true industry methodology guarantees that your business event gets off to a strong start. We have an incomparable reputation, we make sure you remember the activities we have organized for a long period, whether this is a Christmas time party in the City Center or an outside team building event. The areas in which we are excelled include event planning, entertainment team development, location sourcing, virtual events, custom events, and hybrid events. We’re expert professionals who are also skilled and talented in our area, and we work hard to meet the needs of our clientele.

Corporate Events & Team Building Leicester

Corporate activities and workouts are provided by Escape Team Events. We provide a variety of team building in Leicester as well as evening activities, and team development indoor and outdoor games. These locks in team-building exercises are meant to energize, enliven, and awaken you. We provide a few team-building exercises that meet your objectives and bring people together. We can design and ensure unique events that include everything you want and more. You have the option of forming indoor teams or outdoor teams using our team-building ideas.

Featured Team Building Events in Leicester

The Crystal Maze Challenge

It’s the program that we all aspired to be a part of when we were kids. The Crystal Challenge tests your abilities as your teams fight to acquire the crystals. Each team also participates in the Final at Crystal Dome, where the Crystals acquired during the day are useful for buying you time in the Dome.

Our teams of 6-8 participants are looking forward to a whole day, 1⁄2 day, or 2 hours of activities. Travel through the 4 regions Aztec, Futuristic, Industrial, and Ocean to gather the most possible number of crystals. Our teams are awaiting athletic, intellectual, and cognitive games in this exciting encounter.

Having taken up to 16 tasks, all our groups have to go into the Crystal Dome, replacing their earned Crystals with time. The team that collects so many tokens within the Crystal Dome will be the winner. Where our host presents their rewards to the victorious team.

Secret Service Escape Game

Following a breach of classified documents, the Secret Service Headquarters has been put under restriction. Your first class, titled “An Introduction to Code Breaking,” is about to begin for you and your new members. This is an event where the has been a hack/bleach at the secret service and you have to save the secret service within 90 minutes. Therefore, you must work together with your team members to eliminate all the suspects as well as crack the safe, you compete against other teams.

Rogue Agent Escape Game

This task aims to find the rogue agent, you first need to find evidence against the rogue agent and catch them before they escape. This is an exciting and energetic game that can catch everyone’s attention.

This team-building event can be put up in nearly any area, is customizable, and can accommodate up to 1000 people. Before the 60-minute clock starts, our team will arrive, set up the event, and inform the players. To finish the game and uncover the mystery, all attendees will have to cooperate and together.

Sports Day

This is a fun-filled Sports Day for everyone. You’ll be competing against your peers in these fun and captivating activities and puzzles. You and your colleagues will then form teams and compete in a series of tasks against other teams to see if you have any abilities you didn’t realize you possessed.

Our Sports Directors and Hosts will keep the day moving along and guarantee that everyone and every team is competing to the fullest. Food, beverages, entertainment, and a bar, as well as customized branded goods, may be added to round off a wonderful reminiscing experience.

Our Survey Says

This is a fresh take on an old favourite! In Our Survey Says, hundreds of individuals are asked questions they never thought would ever be asked. Therefore, your teams have to join together to find the answers to these questions as well as avoid the buzzer. This is a very entertaining game and our hosts will make sure you have an amazing experience with this memorable event.

Apprentice Challenge

Based on the ‘Apprentice‘ program of the BBC, our solution to form a team will truly challenge you and your coworkers to overcome the renowned boardroom!

This exercise was particularly created not only to promote morality and teamwork but also to strengthen the qualities of the individual businesses. This event offers whatever you need not just to learn, but to have fun, from negotiation, solving problems, to leading and delegating! An overarching objective is also to communicate better and to motivate teams to develop innovative ideas. The events are often designed to fulfill specific company goals and objectives for all levels of employment.

All teams will be given a packet including a variety of fun, interesting, and essential activities to accomplish. When a team believes they have finished a task, they will transmit proof to one of the ‘executives’ trusted advisers. They will inform you as soon as possible if they were effective or not. Only after all tasks have been completed or the time limit has expired will all competing teams reconvene at one place to choose which teams will be employed… and which will be dismissed.

Team Drag Race

In this extremely distinctive and exciting team-based activity, take a step into the unknown and strange by building, creating, and eventually testing your very own Dragster Car! Our expert presenter hosts the event, which lasts 60 to 90 minutes. In this event, all teams have the same equipment which they have to use to construct a model-sized dragster car. However, only one winner will emerge. The team whose dragster car travels the longest distance will emerge as the winner. The outcome is determined by testing, design as well as teamwork.

Rub Goldberg Challenge

Rub Goldberg challenge is the best way to bring your team together. Construct and link the pieces in extremely creative ways, which is more entertaining than Mouse Trap!

The Rub Goldberg Challenge emphasizes the significance of working in groups, both as individual units and as a whole. The event develops to a big conclusion in which all of the separate parts are linked together and the teams come together to achieve a shared objective! As the groups read their briefs, they will quickly realize that rather than competing against one another, they need to work collaboratively. The pieces are then linked together to provide the missing piece!


Sherlock & The Great Debut

This team-building activity is played online. It involves solving a murder in the chapel gate manor. The Sherlock and Great Debut can be played by up to 1000 participants and each team has up to 6 players.

This online event helps in fostering teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and enhancing communication among team members. Here, players play as an 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes. You are now assigned your first case to solve this murder mystery. Therefore, your objective is to find out who is responsible for the murder.

To participate in this event, you first choose a video platform. Once you have chosen your video our host will then inform you of all the information concerning the committed murder and the background. You will then be let into the manor. Here, you will be required to carry out research, find all clues about the murder and solve puzzles.

Virtual Escape Game

This live virtual escape game is a great online event to improve cooperation, critical thinking, and communication among employees. A lot of individuals can take part in the event, the maximum number is 500. Teams are required to have 5 to 6 members.

The objective of the game is to find the rogue agent. Therefore, you will have to carry out research and discover evidence against the rogue agent. This needs to be done quickly before the rogue agent has a chance to escape. You and your team members act as MI5 agents in this task. Collaboration and teamwork are needed to discover the clues, solve puzzles and riddles.

The Big Quiz

Remote working is very common in today’s world. However, it can become very lonely without your colleagues. That is where the big quiz comes in, to help bring your employees together and encourage a sense of belonging among them.

Our big quiz is a very entertaining and interactive way you can bring your team together. It comprises various challenges and activities to give you and your team a great time. One has a chance of choosing whether they want to participate in these challenges as a team or individually. Any information related to the quiz is presented to you by our amusing host who also welcomes you to the video platform.

You will also be provided with a scoreboard where you can see your position in real-time. You don’t need to worry about the equipment, all you need is your mobile phone and laptop.

The Greatest Show-Men

This is a magic show that is carried by two magicians to give you an energetic and hilarious day. Our magicians are not just ordinary magicians, they have the expertise and have shown their skills at several global competitions. They use humour and illusion to captivate and amuse you.

The whole setup is conducted by professionals to ensure that you get the best show.

Live Escape Room

This live escape rooms event gives our players a chance to choose if they want to play individually or in groups.

There are many stories you can choose to play. For example, you can choose to play the Raid by acting as a peaky blinder or you can choose to solve the murder mystery at the Moriarty by acting as 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes. In addition, you can also play as a game master to find Shakespeare’s play that has been hidden in a script.

The game is highly engaging, immersive, and fun. Up to 60 people can participate in this game allowing you to enhance your communication skills, cooperation, problem-solving we well as critical thinking.

If you decide to play this game, our team of experts will send you a link with all the details you need to participate in the event. The whole event must be completed in 60-90 minutes.

Fun House In Your House

This is an interactive game that is based on the 90s. The game can be played individually or in groups. There are a lot of activities including online quizzes and other games such as scavenger hunt and fastest finger first. The game runs for 60 minutes and prizes are included.

The host of  Fun House is pat sharp who ensures that you get the best time during this event. In each round, players will need to win to get points. You only need to have a laptop and a mobile device.

If you choose to participate in this event, you will be sent a link on the day that the game takes place so that you join a video conference and have fun. Thus, this is great evening entertainment for your team.

The Grand Night In

This is a virtual party hosted online. There are a lot of activities included like live performances, tap dancers, contortionists as well as a brass band to give you the 1920s experience. Aerial silk artists and fire breathers are also included.

There are also other activities you can learn including Charleston that are taught to you by an expert choreographer from escape events. This whole event can last for 90 minutes.

Live Music Quiz

This is a very interactive quiz that is provided by our friendly host. This quiz is offered via conferencing platforms and can take 30 to 60 minutes.

You are put to the test on your knowledge of music. You are also given a chance to pick the virtual platform of your choice. To ensure that you get a thrilling experience, our musicians host this event live. You also get the chance to see some live performances. Want to test your music knowledge the join the Live Music Quiz today.

Cocktail Masterclass

The cocktail masterclass is delivered to you via zoom. The class allows you to be a professional at making cockatiels. Before the event, the equipment to be used as well as the ingredients will be shipped to you or delivered to your doorstep. The guide on his you can set up a station is so included.

The cocktail-making classes are run by our professional mixologist. All the skills are taught to you by our teaching crew in the virtual class. Before, the events start. The virtual host ensures that you are ready and everything is set up.

Comedy Club

Are you looking for a funny team building activity that can motivate your staff and increase teamwork? This fun comedy club is a fantastic event that will socially bind your team. A fantastic technique to increase communication while also promoting important qualities such as focus, trust, presence, and making each other appear good.

At the comedy club, we will create a virtual comedy night for your team and make sure that you have an amazing time with your team. The night can be personalized and customized according to your demands and budget.

Pickled Bingo

Pickled bingo is a perfect game for remote working. The whole event runs did 60 minutes and prizes are included for the participants who participate in the game.

It is an amazing game show that will provide you with laughter, peace as well as dance. All our hosts will make sure to make the event memorable for you. It is the perfect idea for a virtual party.

Jury Duty

Jury Duty is an excellent business team-building activity or a distant company social event. Jury Duty, with its intriguing and plot-twisting plotline, requires a wide range of collaborative abilities from its members through communication, problem-solving, management, and diplomacy. The game can be customized for any corporate booking by include names, locations, and clues about the event.

Jury Duty is a Zoom-based interactive online game. Jury Duty audience members are regarded as though they are true selves, joining a Zoom call to partake in a Virtual Trial rather than watch a show. They must review the evidence in an Arson/Murder case, question the accused, and then render a verdict. The outcome of the show will be disclosed at the end.


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Our team construction firm operates with several brands, including Shell, SONY, American Express, KPMG, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, NBC, etc. We aim to guarantee that social activities bring you and your coworkers together.

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With our free venue finding service, we guarantee that you will help your team-building skills enhance as you can choose any location throughout the UK making your event memorable and achieving your business objectives.


These programs include activities that encourage participants to pool their skills and perform at a high level both individually and in teams. Trust, collaboration, and good communication are the keys to a team’s success, as team members learn. Team games not only help individuals grow, but they also bring everyone together for a similar goal.

Team-building programs deliver uplifting and compelling team experiences that enable firms to compete effectively by empowering employees at all levels of the organization to work together as true team players.

What is the primary purpose of a team-building event?

Build trust

For groups to cooperate, they need to realize they can trust one another. That they can swear by one another if the need emerges. Besides, when you assemble trust among groups, they give each other space and self-sufficiency to achieve their errands and settle on their own choices.

Trust causes individuals to have a sense of security. At the point when they have a sense of security, they open up. They let their colleagues think about their qualities and shortcomings. They are more proactive with their thoughts, face challenges, pay attention to one another and afterward show up at an agreement. Therefore, there’s more joint effort, correspondence and colleagues aren’t hesitant to open their weaknesses to one another.


Strong verbal and nonverbal interactions between colleagues are aided by team building. Workers learn how to interact properly and gather the thoughts of the entire team when collaborating on group projects to create trust.

When employees collaborate, honesty is a natural result of the process. lt. Constructive criticism provides your employees with honest, helpful comments that they may use to improve their abilities. This open and honest communication builds a strong working connection based on trust.


One of the most significant advantages of team building is that it enhances strong social ties among employees. When individuals work together, they share their experiences, including successes and disappointments. It draws them closer together and increases their trust in one another. When team member A assists team member B, team member B will almost always repay the favour. Employees band together to confront challenges.


Collaboration between teams encourages workplace creativity and innovation. Employees are more communicative and collaborative. This boosts their productivity and efficiency, eliminates disputes and misunderstandings, and encourages individuals to be more accepting of one another. People begin to be recognized, which pushes them and others to accomplish more and better results in the future. This boosts the company’s performance.

Why are Team building exercises important?

The primary objectives of team-building are to boost productivity and motivation. Employees are more likely to dissolve political and personal boundaries, minimize distractions, and have fun when they are taken out of the workplace. Many organizations have included team-building tactics into their standard training curricula due to the enormous benefits of such programs.

  • Morale and leadership skills are improved.
  • Identifies the impediments to creativity.
  • Objectives and goals are well defined.
  • Processes and procedures are improved
  • Enhances the efficiency of the company
  • Determines the strengths and weaknesses of a group.
  • Enhances problem-solving abilities