Team Building Nottingham

Professional team building in Nottingham provides you with various activities to boost productivity in your organisation and enhance collaboration and togetherness among team members. You may easily choose a suitable site for your events since Nottingham is a city in central England’s Midlands region.

Why Choose Escape Team Events for Team Building Activities?

Escape Team Events include a variety of team-building activities and corporate events. We provide a wide range of indoor team building activities and outdoor team building activities, and also nighttime team building activities. All of these exciting, engaging, inspiring, and motivating team-building exercises are meant to thrill, engage, inspire, and encourage you.

Nottingham is a city in central England’s Midlands region, making it great for building activities in Nottingham and surrounding areas. Whether you wish to have a corporate event like Rube Goldberg Challenge at the Motorpoint arena or work up a sweat and host a sports day at Wollaton Park, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of venues and activities.

The Nottingham team-building exercises we provide are customised to fit your goals and bring people together. We can create one-of-a-kind activities for you, ensuring that they are what you need and much more. From the team building ideas we provide, you can select whether you want indoor or outdoor activities.

Corporate Events & Team Building Nottingham

Nottingham has a variety of activities and business events for team development. Indoor and outdoor team building activities, as well as evening team-building activities, are all available. These exciting, engaging, inspiring, and motivating team-building exercises are meant to thrill, engage, inspire, and encourage you.

Our team building activities are customised to fit your goals and bring people together. We can create one-of-a-kind activities for you, ensuring that they are all you want and more. From the team building ideas that we provide, you can select indoor or outdoor activities. Furthermore, our venue finding service allows you to find the venues for your team building, corporate event as well as games in the city of Nottingham.

Featured Team Building Events in Nottingham

The Crystal Maze

The crystal maze challenge is to put your mental, physical, and puzzle talents to the test. As part of the task, your team must collect crystals. Each team also competes in the final task, the crystal dome, in which they must utilise the crystals they have acquired to buy time to stay in the dome. It is an indoor and outdoor sport that can last two hours, a full day, or a half-day, with a team of 26 to eight people.

Team members must harvest crystals from four different zones. After all 16 tasks have been completed, the teams travel to the crystal dome to trade their crystals for time. The group with the most tokens wins.

Secret Service Escape Game

After the disclosure of classified materials, secret service headquarters were locked. The first lesson, ‘Introduction to code breaking’, is about, to begin with, you and your new recruiting team. Agent broke into the room from nowhere. The Secret Service has been hacked, and you are the only hope the agency has. Teams are given 90 minutes to eliminate the suspects and compete against other teams to open the safe. Teams must work together.

Rouge Agent Escape Game

This escape game is an immersive and participatory experience that involves 20 to 500 individuals in teams of 5-6 players. People’s critical thinking is stimulated as a result of this. It also promotes collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. The goal is to track down the renegade agent. Members of the team will collaborate like genuine MI5 operatives to find information, solve riddles, and complete the operation. The game is a lot of fun, and it’s also highly competitive.

You must first select a video site. Your virtual event planner sets the stage for you and offers you a briefing. After that, you’ll be entered into the MI dashboard and told about the task. You have the option of accepting or declining the job. When you agree, the mission’s goal is for you to identify the rogue agent, gather any proof against them, and locate them.

Sports Day

Sports day is a multi-activity Nottingham team building activity. It encompasses a wide range of athletic activities done both outside and indoors. You and your squad gather to participate in a range of events to compete against other groups, and this allows you to put talents to the test that you previously thought you lacked. Our game masters are in charge of the game’s flow.

All players are required to register their groups and names before the tournament. They are also needed to develop their team logo; after that, the teams are then given branded or coloured t-shirts. Teams will play a variety of games according to their needs, and everyone is included. Refreshments, food, a bar, and other types of entertainment will be available.

Our Survey Says

Do you know what a hundred people would answer if they were asked a question that didn’t need to be asked? According to our survey, you and your team will contest head-to-head to uncover the solutions to our survey while avoiding the dreaded buzzer. With this task, you can be sure to have a memorable occasion. Our presenter is hilarious and quick-witted, and you’ll enjoy a variety of game show elements. You and your colleagues will compete in our interactive virtual game and see who can make it to the final show.

Apprentice Challenge

Apprentice Challenge is a team-building exercise for the entrepreneur challenge; it works by putting your team to the test to see if you can beat the world’s most renowned boardroom. The significant advantages of this exercise are that it boosts staff morale, strengthens team bonds, and improves your business qualities. You’ll be able to improve your problem-solving, leadership, negotiation, and delegating abilities. Additionally, it enhances your communication and creative skills.

The exercises in this challenge are suitable for all staff members and can be tailored to meet specific company requirements. Your teams are given enjoyable, intriguing, and engaging challenges, and after completing a task, the teams must provide proof to their trusted advisors. Once all of the challenges are completed or their time limit has expired, the teams reconvene to a predetermined location to learn which team succeeded and which one didn’t.

Team Drag Race

This competitive event consists of the design, construction, and testing of drag cars. Each team has the same material to create their Dragster model. However, the last drag race will only be won by a single team. Finally, testing, design, and team involvement determine the outcome. You have to design, construct and race tiny drag cats in your teams. The dragster car with the most significant distance travelled wins. It might take 120 minutes to show.

Rube Goldberg Challenge


This Rube Goldberg challenge will strengthen your team’s bond. It’s more fun than Mouse Trap since you can build and mix the modules in so many different ways. The Rube Goldberg Challenge highlights the importance of working together as a group, both individually and collectively. The event culminates in a stunning finale in which all of the many elements are brought together, and the teams work together to achieve a common objective! As the teams understand their briefs, they will rapidly learn that they must communicate and collaborate rather than compete against one another. The components are then connected to make the lost connection.


Sherlock & The Great Debut

Sherlock and the great debut is an online murder mystery with anything from 20 to 1000 participants. The teams are of 4-6 persons, and our professional actors host the event. Teamwork, good communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking are all encouraged at this event.

The team members play Sherlock Holmes, who is just 18 years old and is assigned his first case, Lord Harrington’s murder at Chapelgate Manor. As a result, your task here is to investigate the mansion to determine who committed the murder.

You begin by selecting a video platform, after which the host sets up the scenario. The host will also tell the murderer’s narrative. You’ll also meet all of the individuals you’ll encounter in the manor. After then, you’re free to explore the mansion, looking for clues, solving riddles, and conducting your investigation.

Virtual Escape Game

About 500 individuals can participate in this immersive team-building exercise that encourages cooperation, communication, and critical thinking. Teams of five to six people must find the Rogue Agent, and then the team members are transformed into genuine MI5 agents, and they must work together to decode clues, solve riddles, and complete tasks. It’s fun, competitive, and an excellent way to kick off your team-building activities.

The Big Quiz

Working with teams from afar has become increasingly important. Allowing the teams to work together as a team fosters a sense of belonging and community. Our big quiz isn’t just any quiz; it’s interactive and loaded with many laughs, and it also includes a variety of activities, quizzes, and mini-challenges. Players can play individually or as a team with a live scoreboard. Our amusing host also gives a lot of information.

Each player is given a unique code on the day. After that, all that is required of players is a laptop and a mobile device. Our skilled and experienced host greets the gamers as they connect to our online video portal. Our host also goes through all of the rules with us. Players have the option of playing alone or in a group. The game is directed by our host, while the application produces all of the different sorts of pop-up questions.

Groups have to cooperate before every task is finished. An immediate live scoreboard score update allows participants to view their ranking and other team positions. There are a variety of questions that will hold everybody’s interest.

The Greatest Show-Men

Young, lively, and hilarious magicians who have performed at various events worldwide, the stylish pair presents magic in an exquisite and sophisticated manner., no reason they are called the Greatest Show-men.

Their acts are fantastic, hilarious, and remarkable, and they have over ten years of expertise. This group understands how to captivate and entertain an audience using comedy and illusión to explore mind control. A professional studio handled the audio and video setup, ensuring that you have a spectacular presentation.

Live Escape Room

Players can opt to play either alone or in teams. You behave like a master in real-life games where a hidden game must be found in Shakespeare. You may also be Sherlock Holmes in the 16th century to uncover the Moriarty murder or become a top-class blind man and play Raid, which is an official escaping space for peak blinders. This game is interactive and engaging. Only up to 60 individuals are permitted. It successfully enhances your abilities in communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and issue resolution.

It is played in groups of two to ten individuals and via the internet. Please get in touch with us to schedule a time, and then a zoom link is sent to you to participate in this game.

Check out our live video escape rooms

Fun House In Your House

Pat Sharp hosts this interactive game from the 1990s. Players can choose to play as a group or individually. Pat makes sure that you have a good time and enjoy the game. The day of the match. Each player receives a URL that allows them to participate in the game through video conference. The game requires a laptop and a mobile device to play. Then everyone joins our video gateway, where pat and our experienced host greet you. After you enter, the game’s format is also described. The expert host is in charge of both the game and the engagement. To get points, players must complete each round successfully. There are several rounds, some of which are physically demanding. The

The Grand Night In

This event allows you to celebrate with the most fantastic tunes and circus performances in the manner of Barnum and Bailey. Aerial artists, contortionists, and fanciful oddities are among the 40 acts. A brass band and vocalists are there to provide you with the best performance of the 1920s.

Our expert choreographer can also teach you how to Charleston in an interactive dancing lesson. To take part, you must first book a date, after which we will handle the rest. We’ll email you a meeting link so you can have an unforgettable encounter. Once inside, you’ll be met by our host, and you’ll be treated to a variety of performances that may run up to 90 minutes, but we can shorten them to 60 minutes if you like.

This is truly a Grand Night In to remember.

Live Music Quiz

Our artist puts your knowledge of the most popular songs from the last 50 years to the test in this music quiz, and you get to pick your favourite virtual platform. You will also be to live performances by some of the greatest artists in the industry. Our experienced musicians will conduct the live performance on your platform, ensuring that you have a thrilling night of entertainment.

Cocktail Masterclass

At this event, you will be offered a menu with popular drinks as well as the chance to mix your own. After that, you’ll receive a cocktail-making kit that includes all of the necessary components, as well as garnishes and tools.

Our experienced mixologist staff leads the cocktail masterclass. Our experts will teach you all of the skills you’ll need to produce the greatest cocktails while also creating a fun setting for you to enjoy. The ingredients in the cocktail kits are fantastic.

Comedy Club

This is a fantastic event for any group in need of a good laugh or evening entertainment. We can put up a virtual comedy night for you and your team to ensure that you have a wonderful time. We can create something unique for you based on your budget and requirements. Our comics will work tirelessly to make this virtual event what you wanted it to be.

All participants will be provided with a link to a secure video conference, where you will be met and welcomed by our knowledgeable host. Comedians are given 20 to 30 minutes to entertain. It’s a well-organised and interactive event. It may also be customised to fit the needs of you and your team.

Pickled Bingo

Pickled Bingo features various activities like dancing competitions, party rounds, lip-syncs fights, and a variety of fantastic rewards. These activities create the finest virtual party for you, with you singing, laughing, and dancing. Our knowledgeable hosts will keep you on your feet the entire time.

Jury Duty

You’ve been asked to serve as a distant juror in a new type of virtual trial under the Justice Act at this business event (2020). You and your other jurors must look through the evidence, question the defendant, and make a judgment. Is he guilty or not guilty? Is there more to this case than meets the eye? What strategy will you use to track down the accused?

With the assistance of your fellow jurors, you’ll have to decide if the accused is guilty—the questioning of the accused and the utilisation of evidence. You must examine the evidence that has been provided to you. With these details, you will contact the accused and ask him questions about the case. While this is happening, members in the audience are being texted and emailed.


Nottingham is one of Britain’s most populous and well-known cities, with a strategic location. Team building in Nottingham has a wide range of team-building ideas and options. It also provides a wide range of exciting activities. As a result, the city centre, cafés, conference venues, restaurants, canal network, meeting rooms, museums, and other unique attractions providing you fantastic pleasure are all available to fulfil your demands for your business events.

Award-Winning Team Building Provider

Shell, SONY, American Express, KPMG, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, NBC, and others are among the brands and organisations with whom our team building works. Our goal is to guarantee that social activities bring you and your coworkers closer together.

Team Building Venues of your choice all around the UK

To deliver these activities, we collaborate with several prominent hotels and team-building locations. Our team-building events and exercises include both indoor and outdoor events, including live music and sports days. You may locate the place of your choice for your team challenges with our free venue finding tool.


Employees may engage in team activities from anywhere, even their homes, saving office expenditures and improving productivity. There’s a good possibility that members of a remote team will be more productive and do more work each day.

Remote team building tasks also aid in the development of interpersonal ties among team members. They will be able to work on projects together and get to know one another. It can also aid in the reduction of loneliness because team members will have the opportunity to contact one another, even if they work independently.

What is the primary purpose of a team-building event?

Build trust

When a company implements team building, it creates a sense of trust among employees and fosters oneness. Employees collaborate and get involved with one another. As a result, people feel free to communicate their wants and concerns, resulting in efficient team communication.


Team building events aid in creating an environment in which individuals feel at ease and are willing to speak with anyone without hesitation. As a result, team-building activities might assist in improving communication.


Building a team can help individuals or coworkers collaborate more effectively. Collaboration is essential for workplace success since employees will be able to assist one another whenever necessary. Collaboration entails understanding and trusting team members’ experience and knowledge and relying on them to provide specific information when needed. Links are built and created beyond their everyday duties by producing events that individuals experience within a group.


Employee motivation increases through team-building ideas and team building events, which helps them to perform work successfully and on schedule. When a team completes team-building activities, it builds momentum among the members and helps them feel good. Their self-assurance has also grown.

Why are Team building exercises important?

Team building exercises are an excellent way to get your employees out of their routine. Team building exercises excite your employees by providing them with an event filled with activities that will help them grow as a team. Other benefits of team-building events include increased productivity, improved teamwork, and trust and respect among employees.