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Escape Team Events provides WEST MIDLANDS team building activities to help increase productivity in your business, enhance teamwork and unity among team members. Since Birmingham is centrally located, getting the right venue for your activities is easy.

Corporate Events & Team Building west midlands

Escape Team Events is part of a multi-award-winning company that specialises in creating physical and virtual events for clients to suit a variety of needs.
Having delivered experiences for over 500,000 people, the company knows how to deliver effective results to clients. They do what needs to be done to understand your business needs and deliver the best event based on your requirements.
The UK’s Second City is a popular destination for any business looking for team building – Birmingham is the second most popular destination for any business looking for team building. This huge city has several options and ideas to choose from and so much to offer, whether you want to visit the famous canal basin or pop on a Peaky Blinder cap and roam Small Heath..

WHY CHOOSE west midlands FOR CORPORATE TEAM Building

West Midlands offers a variety of ideas and alternatives for building teams. It also offers a lot of exciting activities. Therefore, there are a lot of places that can meet your needs for your company events including the city centre, cafes, conference venues, restaurants, meeting rooms, museums and other unique sites offering you great fun and a great venue throughout the West Midlands for a corporate away day.

Award-Winning Team Building Provider

Our team building company works with a variety of brands as well as companies including Shell, SONY, American Express, KPMG, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, NBC and more. Our purpose is to ensure that you and your colleagues are brought together through social events.

Team Building Venues of your choice all around the UK

We work with some prestigious hotels and team building venues in order to provide these exercises. Our building activities or exercises provided range from indoor activities such as live music and outdoor activities such as sports day. With our free venue finding service, you are able to find the venue of your choice for your team challenges.

Featured Team Building Events in Birmingham

Escape Team Events offers a lot of activities and corporate events. We provide a variety of indoor team building events and outdoor team building activities in Birmingham as well as evening team building activities. All these fun team building activities are designed to excite, engage, inspire and motivate you.

The various team-building exercises we offer are tailored to meet your needs and to connect people. We can design unique activities for you and guarantee that they will be exactly what you need and even more. You have a choice to choose if you want indoor team building activities or outdoor activities from the team building ideas that we offer.


The crystal maze challenge is to put your mental, physical, and puzzle talents to the test. As part of the task, your team must collect crystals. Each team also competes in the final task, the crystal dome,

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Do you know what a hundred people would answer if they were asked a question that didn’t need to be asked? According to our survey, you and your team will contest head-to-head to uncover the solutions to our survey

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After the disclosure of classified materials, secret service headquarters were locked. The first lesson, ‘Introduction to code breaking’, is about, to begin with, you and your new recruiting team. Agent broke into the room from nowhere.

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Sports day is a multi-activity Nottingham team building activity. It encompasses a wide range of athletic activities done both outside and indoors. You and your squad gather to participate in a range of events to compete against other groups,

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This escape game is an immersive and participatory experience that involves 20 to 500 individuals in teams of 5-6 players. People’s critical thinking is stimulated as a result of this. It also promotes collaboration,

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Apprentice Challenge is a team-building exercise for the entrepreneur challenge; it works by putting your team to the test to see if you can beat the world’s most renowned boardroom. The significant advantages of this exercise are

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Sherlock and the great debut is an online murder mystery with anything from 20 to 1000 participants. The teams are of 4-6 persons, and our professional actors host the event. Teamwork, good communication, problem-solving,

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Young, lively, and hilarious magicians who have performed at various events worldwide, the stylish pair presents magic in an exquisite and sophisticated manner., no reason they are called the Greatest Show-men.

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Working with teams from afar has become increasingly important. Allowing the teams to work together as a team fosters a sense of belonging and community. Our big quiz isn’t just any quiz;

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Players can opt to play either alone or in teams. You behave like a master in real-life games where a hidden game must be found in Shakespeare. You may also be Sherlock Holmes in the 16th century to

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About 500 individuals can participate in this immersive team-building exercise that encourages cooperation, communication, and critical thinking. Teams of five to six people must find the Rogue Agent, and

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Pat Sharp hosts this interactive game from the 1990s. Players can choose to play as a group or individually. Pat makes sure that you have a good time and enjoy the game.

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Employees may engage in team activities from anywhere, even their homes, saving office expenditures and improving productivity. There’s a good possibility that members of a remote team will be more productive and do more work each day.

Remote team building tasks also aid in the development of interpersonal ties among team members. They will be able to work on projects together and get to know one another. It can also aid in the reduction of loneliness because team members will have the opportunity to contact one another, even if they work independently.

Why Team building exercises are important?

Team building exercises are an excellent way to get your employees out of their routine. Team building exercises excite your employees by providing them with an event filled with activities that will help them grow as a team. Other benefits of team-building events include increased productivity, improved teamwork, and trust and respect among employees.

What is the main purpose of a team-building event?

Build trust

When team building is implemented in a business, trust is built among employees and a spirit of unity is created. Employees work together and get engaged with each other. Therefore, they are comfortable expressing their needs and concerns therefore leading to effective team communication.


Team building events help in creating an environment that people are comfortable in and also happy to talk to anyone without any problems. Therefore, team building events actually help to enhance communication.


Team building helps in enhancing collaboration among people or coworkers. Collaboration is the key to success in a workplace as the employees will be able to help each other whenever need be. Collaboration involves knowing team members expertise and the knowledge that they have as well as trusting them to give certain information when needed. Through the creation of events that individuals experience within a group, links are established and created beyond their daily roles.


Team building ideas and events increase employee motivation and allow them to complete tasks effectively and in a timely manner. When team building activities are completed by a team, it creates momentum among the members and makes them feel good and proud f themselves. Their confidence is also increased.

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This was the best virtual social event that I have joined since the first lockdown, I didn’t want it to end!

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If you are considering trying to do a team event next year then I would highly recommend Escape Team Events