Engaging with teams working remotely has become essential. Enabling them to come together and unite as a group creates a sense of camaraderie and inclusion.

Our quiz is so much more than just a quiz, it’s a fun filled, immersive, laugh a minute experience packed full of different questions, tasks and mini challenges.

Players can play individually or as a team with a live scoreboard and updates from our fun host.

What happens on the day?

All players are sent a unique code. All they then need is a laptop and a mobile device.
Everyone logs into our online video portal where our experienced host will welcome you to the quiz and explain the rules.

Players work as individuals or as a team (you choose) all going head to head with each other. Our host controls the play, whilst the app runs out all the different styles of pop up questions. Teams must collaborate before the time runs out to complete each task.

A live leader-board gives instant score updates so players can see who is in which position.

There is a huge variety of questions with all kinds of different rounds to capture everyone’s attention.

What is included?

Work together as a team or play individually
Play on our high-tech Quiz platform
Hosted by an experienced Escape Live host.
Live leader board
Fun, immersive and interactive
Celebrity hosting options available

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