We’ve got a new twist on old favourite!

This is not a game for the faint hearted. There are no lifelines, no hints and no multiple choice. The game show phenomenon that swept the globe has been given a virtual face lift. You must play as a team but get ready to befriend and betray in order to stay in the game – and avoid being voted off as… the Weakest Link!

The game begins with players working together as a team to answer general knowledge questions. The aim is to answer as many consecutive answers as possible in order to create a winning chain to score points. The higher the winning chain, the higher the points. However, one incorrect answer and it’s all back to zero!

Just like the show as each round concludes, players will be asked who they think deserves to be eliminated. As contestants flounder and fall, they’ll vote each other one by one, round by round as the Weakest Link!

Is your team competitive? Do you have a colleague who thinks they know everything? Would you vote off the big boss? Or are you just looking for a fun activity for a team social? Whatever the reason, let us really put you and your work mates to the test with this interactive, intense and iconic virtual game show.

How it work?

All players are sent a link to a video call to join the game show.

All they then need is adevice and their quizzical brain to play.

It’s important that players have access to paper and a maker pen so we can clearly see who they’re voting off!

Everyone logs into our video portal where our experienced host will welcome you to the game and explain the format.

Players connect individually all going head-to-head with each other. Our host controls the play and interaction.

There is a huge variety of questions with all kinds of different rounds to capture everyone’s attention.

What is included?

Secure Video Link to your private meeting
Professional and experienced hosts to manage your experience
60 minutes fun, engaging and immersive game play
Exclusive game content
Full event management

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