Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Your 2021 Corporate Party

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Stuck for christmas party ideas? look no further…


Hosting the best virtual Christmas party for your work team is a lot of pressure – let us shift that weight from your shoulders. For a night everyone can attend, choose one of our immersive virtual events packages and give your colleagues a night they won’t forget.

With zero risk of cancellation, choose from an array of professionally organised events from a multi award-winning company. Using any video conferencing platform, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and ability to flexibly deliver our events to global audiences.

What is a virtual christmas party?


The future is virtual. The last couple of years have proven that we don’t always need to be in office to work, to have meetings, to have fun. It makes sense, then, to also bring everyone together for the annual Christmas party through a virtual medium.

For those still working remotely, for those working around the world, for those with health-related anxieties about spending too much time in crowded rooms – this one’s for you.

How do virtual events run?


  • We will provide you and your guests a secure video link to your private event
  • Our professional and experienced live hosts will keep your guests entertained and engaged
  • Enjoy 60-90 minutes of fun, engaging and immersive gameplay exclusive to Escape Team Events
  • Your event is managed completely end-to-end by our experienced team

What are the benefits of a virtual christmas party?


1. Inclusive for all

For an entirely inclusive work Christmas party, make it virtual. Being completely accessible online, there is no risk that colleagues are unable to attend. As opposed to an in-person event, wherein team members who work in offices across the globe cannot attend, and those who require accessibility requirements may struggle, a virtual party leaves nobody out.

Christmas is a great time to remind your employees how much they are appreciated at work. By bringing your employees together over the festive season in a completely seamless virtual experience, your appreciation for them is communicated.


2. Boosts morale

Christmas parties are the traditional way businesses attempt to boost morale within the team and encourage productivity in the run up to the festive season. As with in-person events, virtual events fuel office chit chat, build excitement and bring the team closer together.

After a year of predictably heavy workloads, shrinking budgets and extra social and personal responsibilities, the Christmas Party is the perfect time to forget about everyday stresses and celebrate the success of your team!


3. Health first

The mental and physical health of your employees are factors that ultimately impact the decision you make when booking the Christmas party. 

Planning your Christmas Party virtually means you are not at risk of your event being cancelled last minute due to pandemic-related factors. Virtual events work without compromising anyone’s safety, meaning that those most vulnerable can still take part in the fun without any guilt or health risks holding them back.


4. Flexibility

Book any time, any where, for any group size.

Being an online event, you have a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing a time and date for your virtual party. Unlike physical events, your guests won’t need to travel anywhere, simply log in.


5. Engaging and interactive

It’s our mission to make your virtual event stand out from any other virtual activity you’ve experienced before.

Popularity grew in the virtual events space following the beginning of the pandemic, but while many other companies failed to hit the mark on being fun and engaging and completely seamlessly managed, Escape Team Events have it nailed.


6. Costing

Virtual events are much cheaper to attend in comparison to physical events. As long as your team has a computer and internet connection, all they need to do is log in.

The cost of physical events go beyond just the event ticket – think travel costs, accommodation, transportation, food…

A virtual event eliminates those extra costs and gives your company the opportunity to have more of the team attend.

how do i book my virtual christmas party?


Enquire about your virtual event for a quote in 30 minutes, just let us know when you plan on having your event and what size your party will be. Take some time to browse through our products, or if you have a particular event in mind, please do add this to your enquiry so we can design the perfect event for you and your guests.


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