Our Virtual Team Building Events

Companies and employees have been separated into working in silos from home; this has undoubtedly changed the way companies and team members communicate.

Virtual platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype have become the norm, but keeping people-driven, motivated, and part of the business or organization is challenging.

All of our hosted virtual events are designed to deliver engaging team building, motivation, and fun.

Why Choose Virtual Team Building?

Virtual team building is basically a process used by virtual teams to connect and form strong bonds through communication networks and digital technology.

Virtual team events take many forms, including team building games and activities that use collaboration technologies like video conferencing to keep the activities flowing smoothly.

Virtual team building activities that are strategically developed offer communication while promoting a shared team culture. These online team games and activities can also help minimize the interaction problems that come with working in a remote or virtual environment.

Sherlock & The Great Debut

Sherlock & The Great Debut

This online detective story is appropriate for teams of 20 to 1000 individuals who will participate in 4-6 person teams. Our professional actors present this activity, which promotes communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Their first case, the Lord Harrington assassination at Chapelgate Manor, is played by 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes. It appears to be a no-brainer, but is it? Isn't it simple that your objective is to make your way around the mansion, finish your investigation, and find the killer?

Your narrator will establish the setting and tell the tale behind the murder using your selected video platform. You will learn the characters you encounter in the mansion, and then you may locate the clues, complete the riddles and participate in an interactive inquiry.

The Big Quiz

The Big Quiz

The Big quiz is an excellent game to bring your remote team together. This game unites the teams and ensures collaboration. It's filled with so many activities and experiences. In addition, there are so many tasks, including quizzes, challenges and more, to give your teams a great deal of enjoyment and fun.

A live scoreboard is supplied to the team members; this allows you to see your score and rank. Throughout the event, you also get every critical update from our host. When the day of the event arrives, each player will receive a code used to join the event. The only equipment that is needed includes a laptop as well as a smartphone. This event can be done as a group or individually. If you are playing as a team, you will need to collaborate to complete the tasks.


Virtual Escape Game

Virtual Escape Game

The virtual escape game is an immersive online event that includes 20 to 100 people. The remote event can run for 60 to 90 minutes. The game is very interactive and lets you play with other teams. This game aims to improve teamwork, communication as well as critical thinking. 5 to 6 teams can be involved in the game where the objective is to find the rogue agent.

Here, the remote team members will work together as MI5 operatives; they will have to solve puzzles and find the clues to complete the mission. The game is a fun and competitive team building event.

The Greatest Show-Men

The Greatest Show-Men

The modern pair — youthful, lively, and humorous award-winning magicians who have played on thousands of occasions worldwide – deliver magic in a sleek and sophisticated style. Despite their almost ten years of professional expertise, their show rarely fails to astonish, entertain, and amaze.

Your attendees will receive a conference call connection for the time and date of your event. Your event may be customized to incorporate magic tricks that feature your company's logo and brand.

Live Escape Room

Live Escape Room

Take command of a real-life games avatar as they guide you through a series of our award-winning escape rooms around the United Kingdom.

Immerse yourself in the 16th and 17th centuries to discover Shakespeare's hidden play in Shakespeare's Script. You can also choose to become Sherlock Holmes and solve the murder case in Moriarty. Furthermore, you may also choose to become a Peaky Blinder and play The Raid.

Up to 60 individuals can participate in this engaging, collaborative team-building exercise. Interaction, cooperation, problem-solving, and critical thinking are all encouraged in this game, which can be played in 2-10 member teams through Zoom.

Fun house in Your House

Fun house in Your House

The 90s classic is making a comeback, this time in an interactive game show hosted by Pat Sharp. Pat recreates the 90s iconic TV program's fun, laughter, and craziness with an online quiz and interactive quiz show that includes rounds like a scavenger hunt, quickest finger first, and guess the opening. Groups or individuals of players can participate. Pat Sharp is the life and soul of the game, guaranteeing that everyone has a good time and enjoys their game show event.

To participate in the game show, all contestants are provided with a link to a video call. Once you log into the video portal, our knowledgeable presenter, pat sharp, greets you and explains the game shows format to you.

Players compete against one another as individuals or as a group (your choice). Our host is in charge of the game and the communication. To gain points, players must succeed in all of the rounds. Some of the competitions are physically demanding, so be prepared to get up and GO!. A real-time scoreboard provides real-time score updates, allowing participants to know who is in the lead.

The Grand Night In

The Grand Night In

Prepare to celebrate like it's 1929 with a diverse night of entertainment that includes the finest roaring twenties and Barnum-style circus performance. Our company of 40 performers includes exotic oddities, contortionists, and aerial artists and is broadcast live online. In addition, tap dancers, vocalists, and a brass band will take you to Midtown New York in the 1920s for your very personal Best Show. With our excellent, engaging dance class from our expert choreographers, you can even master Charleston!

Choose your favourite date, and we'll take care of the rest! We'll send you a link to join the session, and then you can relax and enjoy an online experience unlike any other. Our knowledgeable host will put on a multi-act presentation that will last around 90 minutes. (This number can be lowered to 60 if necessary.)

Live Music Quiz

Live Music Quiz

Join our artists live in your preferred digital environment as we put your knowledge of music of the previous 50 years to the test. Featuring rounds like Play That Sax, Mash It Up, Sing It Girl, and Guitar Hero, ensuring you get a good time. Experienced famous singers will present all concerts, and you will be treated to live concerts by some of the finest in the industry. Lots of excitement, a lot of interaction, and something for everyone!

Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass

You'll first pick from a complete menu, including the opportunity to design one of the custom drinks for your business.

After verifying it, we will provide the attendees with a special branded kit with all the ingredients, garnishes, and tools to prepare cocktails.

Our experienced mixer team then runs the cocktail-making class, which teaches you the techniques of the business in making fantastic cocktails and creates an atmosphere that allows you to have fun.

The cocktail kits include top-quality ingredients and blenders. The soul of the event is enhancing the team's morale, using custom-made brand-name elements as a guardrail.

Comedy Club

Comedy Club

Is your team in desperate need of a good laugh? If so, it might be the perfect event for your next occasion. This event can run from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

We can build the right lineup for a virtual comedy night to provide some excellent laughter for you and your company. We may create a customized and fun playing order according to our budgets and needs, from famous names and Television personalities to newly-released comedians with an outstanding record on the comedy scene.

Even if this is for a social team, substitutes for virtual morning meetings, our Comedians will ensure that they do their best to make this an unforgettable online event.

Pickled Bingo

Pickled Bingo

We took the classic bingo game and turned it on our heads, and made the game like no other! This performance is designed for any lockdown occasion, from parties to events, dancing events, lip-sync competitions, and lots of fantastic prizes!

We provide you with the most extraordinary virtual party experience directly to your screens! You will undoubtedly laugh, sing and dance with all of your colleagues at this event. Our funny and skilled presenters will not only monitor the procedure but make sure you will be dancing along with your feet!

Jury Duty

Jury Duty

In this interactive event, you are required to act as a remote juror in a trial. The trial runs under the justice act (2020). The whole event can run for 90 minutes and can be played in teams. You and your team must act as jurors; therefore, you will have to question the accused, assess evidence, and also make a decision based on all that.

You must determine the accused's guilt while working with your other jurors—the defendant's use of evidence and interrogation.

The proof given is necessary for you to work. You will then have access to this material to ask the defendant questions concerning his case.

As things stand, those seeking to influence the jury contact audience members by SMS and emails. The Jury decides who tells the truth, how to break the plot, and if an individual must spend time in jail. It's up to the Jury. There are several conclusions with this event.

We’re Escape Team Events.

We’re creative. We’re original.
We’re memorable.

We’re here to help create unforgettable experiences for you and your team. From the offset, our industry-leading approach guarantees you’ll feel reassured. We have an unrivalled reputation, a focus on slick delivery, and a very creative team; we want your colleagues to be talking about this event for a long time! We’re highly professional, creative, and experts within event production, event management, team building, venue sourcing, virtual events, hybrid events, and bespoke events. We strive to over-deliver every step of the way and relieve as much of the inevitable stress you and your team are feeling. Our award-winning approach has had us recognized across the globe with clients in almost every continent.

Our aim is simple: ‘wow’ you at every stage of the event, from concept to delivery.


Years Experience in Consulting.


Virtual team building is essential because it mitigates the adverse effects of online working cultures. Additional reasons why virtual team development is essential to include the following:


Effective communication enhanced productivity, and improved morale are all needed in an organization and escape team events can help provide your company with all that. Virtual team building essential benefits of using escape team events include the following:

Build relationships.

Face-to-face communication is a considerably more effective means of forming the bonds that are necessary for efficient cooperation. However, collaborative team development exercises may readily replace face-to-face conflicts by becoming virtual.

It might be helpful to know that others are facing similar challenges as you, and you can even share meal recipes and other information. All of this contributes to the development of trust between virtual team members.

Combat loneliness

Loneliness is one of the most challenging problems that remote employees encounter while transitioning from office-based jobs to working from home.

Because humans are social animals, cutting them off from water coolers or lunchtime talks can be detrimental to their mental health. Everyone joins together and effectively combats loneliness by organizing participatory and enjoyable activities through video conferences. You’ll have plenty to talk about and relive after the event.

Increase your productivity.

Members in remote teams typically lack a strong sense of purpose in their work. This can lead to decreased productivity. Virtual team-building exercises, on the other hand, allow team leaders to convey the organization’s aims.

Employees that have a feeling of purpose are typically driven to do everything in their power to meet, if not surpass, corporate goals. As a result, the resource pool’s performance measure improves without anyone becoming exhausted.


Escape Events has taken everything we’ve learned over the years about team building and turned it into a complete portfolio of virtual programs intended to take all of the enjoyment, satisfaction, and importance of traditional team action and turn it into a full-featured live virtual team building activity. When it comes to cooperation, teams may still gain a lot from a virtual event. There are many contacts, conversations, and idea exchange—creative thinking, trust, and cohesiveness, particularly when a little friendly rivalry is involved.

Easy and simple

Our virtual activities-specific applications and platforms enable teams to form small teams, much like they would at a traditional team building event, and compete against one another in various themed experiences. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s breaking free from our virtual escape room, cracking a crime story, or virtually touring across the world.

Participate from anywhere

Our escape team activities take place at various places around the UK or throughout the world. Our virtual events are advantageous; the platforms operate precisely the same regardless of where you are in the world. Individuals and groups log in and join small teams as though they were all local exactly the same way. Our team offers straightforward participation packages to enable everyone to quickly login in a few seconds.

Compatible with a variety of technologies

We have a range of events using both a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. The activity is designed to make it possible for people to use traditional technologies at home. Our laptop-based games require a laptop and internet. Our app-based experiences need that users watch and engage on their laptops and then play real games via any smartphone. We are constantly on standby to provide a flawless event for every member, from our live hosts and tech staff.

Also, a webcam is needed. Almost all smartphones or tablets are basic, but preferably on your laptop too.

What is remote team building?

Team building, creating relationships, and maintaining these connections between employees when they are far away, is a process that requires ongoing attention. The physical distance among employees can quickly lead to a sense of being completely isolated, leaving remote employees feeling unsupported and estranged from their co-workers. In the end, this can have a negative impact on employee morale and possibly lead to higher staff turnover rates.

In its most basic form, remote team building is establishing relationships amongst remote personnel to create the illusion of a physical team for employee morale, productivity, engagement, and overall outcomes.

Why is remote team building important?

A Break From Zoom!

The virtual team building allows individuals to get a moment and have some fun with most people days back and forth using zoom/video chats. It gives remote employees breaks from a virtual meeting. Our activities provide a refreshing and totally distinct uplifting experience. We continually raise a lot of smiles, group interactions, and laughing.

Fun & Commitment

The work might sometimes feel like the day of winter with continuous zoom meetings. Virtual team building offers employees the opportunity to interact, switch from work and participate in a pleasant and entertaining experience.

Team Work

The teams might miss the advantages, performance, and a strong team working together because of their lack of face-to-face communication. This might also involve exchanging ideas and information, cohesiveness, and working towards the same objective.

Boost Motivation

When operating in isolation, everybody needs a big boost. The social components of a virtual event are highly motivating and bringing together individuals to laugh, enjoy anything linked to work.

Investing in People

Traditionally, companies would spend time and money on employees with all sorts of yearly activities. This is continued through virtual team building, and employees are respected and appreciated.


When it’s so unfamiliar to everybody, virtual events may seem very frightening. Our experience is meant to be trouble-free of all aspects of your event with live hosts and professional event organizers.

Maximize Momentum

Team activities frequently have predetermined goals and outcomes, particularly in terms of learning and growth. These may still be accomplished through virtual team building, with various activities aimed at different aspects of collaboration, but all with the same primary component!

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Our aim is simple. To bring you and your colleagues together.

We’re Escape Team Events.

We’re creative. We’re original.
We’re memorable.

We’re a highly professional, creative and friendly bunch, but also experts within our field.

Our award-winning approach to recreating memories through virtual team activities has had us recognised across the globe with clients in every continent.

Will definitely be trying more virtual games!

Great virtual experience and fantastic host. All the team really enjoyed it and the Zoom breakout session room worked really well. Will definitely be trying more virtual games

Highly recommend this five-star experience

Our team of 197 played Pat Sharp's 'Fun House' for our Christmas Party, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and the competitiveness during the quiz, which was also quite hilarious! I was very impressed with Pat and I would highly recommend this five-star experience!

A great way to lift everyone's spirits!

I just want to say a massive thank you to the team at Escape Team Events for organising Fun House with the legendary Pat Sharp! The event was enjoyed by all attendees. It was a great way to lift everyone's spirits following another National Lockdown announcement and nice way to catch-up with colleagues at the start of the New Year. I had so many of my colleagues sending me emails and messages on Teams to say how much fun they had, to the point where a few asked me for the booking/contact details so they can book something for their family, friends, etc. Would highly recommend!

The winning time was my team!!

Honestly, Sherlock The Grand Debut Virtual escape room, was such a great game.
It looked beautiful and was super user friendly with a great array of tasks to suit everyone.
We had the best time!
Thanks so much for all of your help.

Escape Team! Thank you for all

Escape Team! Thank you for all your hard work and flexibility in pulling together a very successful event. We had a blast. Our LilyAna and AleHorn New Year Party was filled with fun and enjoyment from the moment we entered the Rogue Agent virtual escape game to the Magic Show setting. What a unique team bonding exercise! Safe to say, we are not going to be hired by MI5 though. It is so meaningful to get to see our staffs’ smiling faces, their kids’ joyful giggles and participation.
Very heartwarming, genuine gratitude.
We look forward to tapping into your creativity again soon! Skal!

All-in-all a nice way to wrap up

We recently completed our virtual festive get-together with around 40 participants taking part in Sherlock: The Grand Debut.
Each group thoroughly enjoyed going through each room working out clues and questions with some healthy competition involved!
The game un-hosted took around an hour and a half to complete.
All-in-all a nice way to wrap up the year in a different way!
Thanks Tamara for always being on standby to answer my questions and support requirements.

The game was very interactive

The Event was organised as a teambuilding event and as we did not have a Christmas do this year due to covid.
Some of the tasks were tricky but doable.
The game was very interactive and all the players really enjoyed it.
The hosts were helpful too and the team thought the event was so much fun.
Thank you once again for your help, the event was a great fun!

Thanks much for your support!

Thanks much for your support!
The teams had fun and different approaches to get through the mansion of Sherlock the Grand Debut.
Gladly all worked through the mansion, with no technical hiccups.
It was a successful team event.
Many thanks again!

Everyone enjoyed the ‘Christmas do’

It was a great virtual team activity we had on 10th December 2020 for our team of 25 people.
Everyone enjoyed the ‘Christmas do’
It was nice to get together and do different activity compare to standard video calls as well as being a great way to get to know people more.
Although the ‘Rogue Agent’ Virtual escape room was not easy, we managed to solve it and we won!
Thank you and your team for seamless communication and for helping me to deliver ‘different type’ of virtual event.
I can assure you that I will contact you if any virtual event opportunity arises.

Thanks so much for helping us

Thanks so much for helping us to organise our event for our team of around 100 participants close to Christmas.
Sherlock Holmes The Grand debut virtual escape room was a perfect Christmas pick me up for the staff and colleagues at Royal Haskoning DHV, and allowed everyone to get into the festive spirit from their homes, safely, while playing this really unique and mentally challenging online virtual experience. The murder mystery escape room was very well received by our colleagues and it also led to interactions between colleagues, towards a common goal, outside of work hours!
The team really enjoyed it and the game play was lots of fun with a range of different puzzles and challenges for every personality type and skill set!
Thanks again for your help, and we hope to work with you again in the future!

We all had a great time playing

We all had a great time playing Sherlock Holmes the Christmas Escape for our team of approximately 40 participants for our 2020 Lockdown Christmas social event.
I had some great feedback from the team and I would imagine that if this lockdown continues we’ll do another virtual event with 'Escape Team Events' 'in the new year.
It was a fantastic, inclusive and immersive event that the whole Hiscox team took first, second and third place. A clever bunch we all are LOL.
Wishing you a very happy new year and thank you again.

It was a very good night enjoyed by all

The Sherlock Holmes Grand Debut Event that Tamara and the team helped to organise went without a glitch.
It was a very good night enjoyed by all.
Thank you for all of your help, would happily recommend Escape Team Events.

Firstly we wanted to say thank you

Firstly we wanted to say thank you very much to you and your team for the event, we all enjoyed it.
From chatting to the team, we all enjoyed the escape room and found the challenges and riddles both interesting and taxing.
My team actually ended up finishing in the top 3!
All in all, the team enjoyed the social aspect of the event and the challenge of the puzzles, and thought the game itself was really well thought out.
Thank you again for the event and please pass on our thanks to the team!

Tamara, thanks so much for your help

Tamara, thanks so much for your help in the organising of our team social, and also for checking back in post event.
It all went very smoothly and we have very positive feedback.
We decided on Rogue Agent by Escape Team to finish off a week long virtual team event.
Our contact at the company provide first class support, guidance and recommendations from start to finish, responding to any questions we had extremely promptly and making every effort to ensure we had all the details needed for what turned out to be a very smooth running and fun event.
The game itself provided a great opportunity for us to work as a team across a range of tasks which challenged even the most seasoned escape room enthusiasts among us!

Thanks so much for all your help

Thanks so much for all your help on Thursday evening.

The event went really well and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Thanks so much for all of your support!

Tamara and the team, Thanks so much for all of your support!
We wanted to organise a fun, but challenging company-wide social event during the lockdown period and 'Sherlock, the Grand Debut' certainly did not disappoint!
Almost 100 colleagues were able to virtually meet up and tackle the escape room and we got glowing feedback from all participants! Setting up and running the event was simple thanks to the support we received from Escape Team Events.
We'll see you again soon!

Thanks all for a very well run

The RepRisk team had a great time playing our New Year celebratory event of Rogue Agent.
The team at Escape Team Events, worked to ensure this event ran smoothly, and that everyone enjoyed themselves.
The feedback from the team was that everyone enjoyed the event hugely, with a vast variety of puzzles to suit everybody's personality types and skill sets, meaning the communication and involvement from everyone in the team was achieved!
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company, and will be looking to speak with you further in regards to planning further virtual events in the future!
Thanks all for a very well run, unique event and seamless event from start to finish.

Overall great success!

The client was very happy with the event and its outcome; many thanks for your support on this.
Client quote: We worked with Escape Team Events for an icebreaker event of Rogue Agent Escape Game.
We were organizing this event for our client to welcome 30 new employees into the company.
Overall great success!
Look forward to keeping in touch and working again in the near future.

huge thank you to you and your team

I just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thank you to you and your team for our Cocktail Masterclass party on Friday.
It made my sisters 40th birthday extra special during these crazy times.
Yuki our mixologist was amazing and great fun.
We will be highly recommending this to all our Friends and family.

Excellent value for money

We opted to use Escape Team Events after a very informative meeting with Tamara.
She talked us through the various events and gave us guidance based on our requirements.
Tamara was extremely friendly and attentive throughout the process.
Our objective was to bring the organisation together in these uncertain times, where we are all working remotely and on occasions feel a little disconnected, and this absolutely achieved that.
The feedback from everyone who took part is very positive. The event itself was very well organised and good fun.
The actors did an excellent job at creating a feeling of inclusion by a bit of light-hearted audience participation.
Excellent value for money, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Escape Team Events.

I will definitely be recommending to my friends

We had a great time, and Sherlock the Grand Debut was really good fun.
I have received really good feedback on the game play.
I also found the booking process very slick – from the time taken to inquire regards applying for the game etc. and receiving responses, invoice sent quickly too – it just made it all a smooth booking process, especially as it was getting quite close to the event (our fault!).
I will definitely be recommending to my friends and other colleagues who have not tried this and consider other events available for our team or personally again!

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed

Thanks a lot!
Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the game and the variety of puzzles in the Escape room.
Our 2 group events participated in "Sherlock the Grand Debut" for our Christmas party, catering for our staff based in different countries around the world for around 60 people.
All the teams chose to start in the room with the paintings, which I think is probably the hardest puzzle.
We had a great time and I imagine you'll hear from us about future events too. Thanks for your help!

It was a very unique and exciting experience

Manager / Supervision Taskforce / Supervision at Financial Conduct Authority

Thanks for your help on the organisation and execution on our Christmas Team Building event for our team of around 30 participants.
All members of the organisation had a lot of fun in our booked 'Sherlock The Grand Debut' event and it was a great way to get everyone together and communicate in a fun and friendly manner over the christmas period virtually!
It was a very unique and exciting experience, that everyone found to be really an engaging and exciting group activity!
Hopefully we can look to work together in the future, whether that be a physical or virtual event!
Thanks again Tamara.

Thank you Escape Team Events for such a fun night!

Personal Assistant to the Director Warwick University

“Sherlock Holmes The Grand Debut was simply fantastic! Split into two teams with four players in each, we each made our way through the murder mystery solving clues along the way to discovering who the infamous killer was.
We had laughs, frustrations, giggles and much head scratching as we worked our way through, each team eager to beat our colleagues to be crowned the best detectives. The support and advice offered before and after the event was fantastic from start to finish.
Tamara was professional, prompt and always on hand and willing to assist us. We cannot recommend the event enough – we certainly enjoyed it far more than I think any of us expected to.
Thank you Escape Team Events for such a fun night!”

I would highly recommend it!

Head of Solution Consulting | Network Rail Telecom

At the end of a very challenging year our team needed to find a different way to celebrate Christmas. Obviously a conventional Christmas party is out of the question so we decided to look at virtual alternatives resulting in us donning our period costume and entering a virtual world of deception and mystery in the virtual escape room event “Sherlock Holmes the Grand Debut”.
Split into three teams, our Consultants and Business Analysts worked together in a classic ‘whodunit’ murder mystery in character as the young Sherlock Holmes.
There were plenty of tricky challenges, riddles and clues to follow not to mention large amounts of banter and Mickey taking which provided a great number of laughs and fun.
We all agreed it was a great way to close out the year and also helped our comparatively new team get to know each other a little better through teamwork.
Our teams also came dressed up in full character costume which really added another level of atmosphere to the event. If you are considering trying to do a team event next year then I would highly recommend it!

That was great!

That was great! Lots of good feedback from the team, they really enjoyed themselves!! We're so glad we chose this. Lots of boasting about breaking records going on too.

It was so nice to be hosted and have a good laugh with our team - we haven't seen each other in so long and this really made us feel like a team again!

Can't wait for the next one at Christmas!

Rogue Agent formed part of the virtual away day we were organising. The online escape was pitched just right in terms of difficulty. The teams really enjoyed the gameplay and aesthetics and as organisers for the event we received positive feedback afterwards too. This was really all down to the event hosts and staff. They took care of everything and allowed us to relax and actually take part, which is a rarity when we usually have to do all the running around. Can't wait for the next one at Christmas!

Just a quick note to say thank you

Just a quick note to say thank you.The team really enjoyed themselves. As we are in hard lockdown in Melbourne, it was a great distraction for the team. Everyone had only positive things to say. Please thank your colleagues too. How can we do more?

learn and have some fun, all virtually!

This week I had the privilege to join the UK Finance team’s virtual event themed on Change; bringing together our 100 person strong finance function to connect, learn and have some fun, all virtually! The event culminated in a wonderfully fun (and dare I say hugely competitive) virtual Escape Room experience, expertly run by Escape Live. UK / US

What are the benefits of virtual team-building events?

Boost Team MoraleWhen a team has high morale, it generates excitement and energy. This fosters a positive attitude toward teamwork and motivation. Boosting confidence and getting the team together has never been more essential than it is now.

Overcome Loneliness

Loneliness is a harmful sensation that will inevitably sneak in when everyone is forced to stay at home. Many people may seek refuge in their profession as a kind of socialization. A virtual team-building exercise will assist in bringing people who are alone into a group and giving them the opportunity to converse with another human being. Some persons who live alone may go for extended periods without speaking to anybody.

Increase Productivity

Working from home might make it tough to stay focused on tasks. A virtual team-building activity will bring your staff together and inspire them to work together more efficiently while also reminding them of their work goals. Remind everyone that we’re all in this together and that we’re still a fantastic group.


The game may be enjoyed at any time and in any location. It may be customized to your business needs, allowing you to send a message and inspire employees who may be going through a hard time in these trying times.

Increase Collaboration

In remote working, employees can communicate better, collaborate, fix issues, and resolve conflicts when their connections are strong. Our activity’s objective is to develop relationships and teamwork during these trying times. Our virtual game is designed to assist team members in shifting their perspective from a “me” to a “we” approach.

Increase Motivation

During these trying circumstances, we may find ourselves getting sidetracked by sad news headlines all day. Teams find it challenging to inspire themselves to wake up and work in the same manner as before the crisis because of these disruptions. An engaging virtual team-building exercise allows teams to forget about the outside environment for a minute while motivating them to be calm and keep working.

Encourage Creativity

When you’re stranded at home alone, your creativity might plummet. If you’re used to getting ideas off each other with your team members or used to coming up with fresh and exciting ideas, you could be upset by the prospect of being separated from your co-workers for an extended length of time. A remote team-building event provides you with the opportunity to be inspired and work as a unit.

Positive Reinforcement

The creation of a virtual team helps strengthen healthy behaviour from home. For instance, if your group has a big project due by the end of the week, why not arrange an enjoyable remote team building event to recognize their hard work?

Low Cost

We all know that funds are limited in these unusual times, specifically for events that aren’t considered necessary. On the other hand, virtual team building activities are far less expensive than traditional team building events. They offer the apparent advantage of having no venue fees because they take place in your own house! Considering this, the benefits of hosting a virtual team-building event significantly outweigh the low expense of putting one together.

Improve Communication In Difficult Times

During these difficult circumstances, people at home might feel alienated, which can adversely affect communication abilities. Communication has never been more vital in those challenging times. People may catch up with co-workers and enjoy each other’s company by participating in remote team-building activities.

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Explore some of our testimonials from our valued clients


This was the best virtual social event that I have joined since the first lockdown, I didn’t want it to end!

Network Rail

If you are considering trying to do a team event next year then I would highly recommend Escape Team Events