Trip into a very different type of mystery adventure! Meet Mr. Rabbit for a ‘drink me’ treat, and spin out in teams to solve the mystery of the tea splattered constitution! 

    Play at the Dormouse’s tea party, Hatter’s haberdashery, Cheshire Cat’s nip-lab, the Smoking Caterpillar’s den or the Queen’s tart banquet and solve their curious clues and challenges. This Wonderland exploration takes team mystery adventures to hole new depths! 

    What you can expect from your experience:
    • You will be met by the White Rabbit who will split you up in to teams an explain the mission – to find the missing words from the Wonderland Nonsense Constitution.

    • You will be sent in your team to various breakout rooms meeting other characters who will set you mini challenges to complete in exchange for the words you need.

    • Challenges could include Hand Puppets, Hot Pants, Anything’s a Hat if You’re Brave Enough, Dress to Impress with all you Possess, Ten Word Fact or Party Trick.

    Our live team games are designed specifically to make the most out of virtual platforms with human interaction. With experience in immersive theatre and improv, we’re all about player connection in a safe and supportive space for uninhibited fun.

    “Crystal Maze-esque escapades and the imagination of Lewis Carroll” The Londonist

    What is included?


    Live Professional hosts


    Themed Breakout Rooms


    Live Team Games


    Solo Play / Team play / Customised 

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